Is Preventive HVAC Maintenance Really Necessary?

HVAC Maintenance

Right now it can be tough to imagine spending additional money…on anything! So your HVAC system may not be top of mind at the moment, in spite of the hot Texas weather. But over the years here at Efficient Home Solutions, we’ve seen the importance of regular maintenance for your system, and how it can help homeowners across Dallas and Fort Worth avoid needless money, frustration and time. There are quite a few reasons, so let’s take a look at some of them here.  


Money, Money, Money, Money


According to some HVAC professionals, preventive maintenance can lower the chance of expensive breakdowns by up to 95%. It’s not hard to see why. Imagine driving your car for 20,000 miles without taking it in for an oil change – you’d probably end up with catastrophic damage and a lot of painful repair bills. It’s the same concept with your HVAC system: routine maintenance can catch little problems before they turn into huge ones. We’re available 24 hours a day to help if you need emergency service, but we’d prefer that you avoid it.


Keep Your Family Safe


Appropriate maintenance of your system can help you avoid dangerous situations, such as carbon monoxide poisoning. On the less severe side, there are also many reasons to have us assess your indoor air quality for issues related to mold, formaldehyde, asbestos, and more. The EPA has stated that indoor levels of airborne pollutants can be two to five times higher than those outdoors. 


You can also make it far less likely for damage to occur while you’re out of town. Think about the horror stories of families on vacation during the winter months, when the heat stops working and frozen pipes result in a flooding disaster. Efficient Home Solutions will help you protect the health of your family as well as your home.


Longer is Better


Going to the doctor for regular checkups can help you live longer, and the same is true of your HVAC system. Thankfully you don’t have to put it in the car and drive it to the HVAC doctor – we make house calls! Preventive maintenance is also a must if you have a warranty. Most homeowners aren’t aware that the majority of HVAC manufacturers require you to show proof of regular maintenance if you submit a repair claim under warranty.


Let Us Help

Give yourself the gift of peace of mind when it comes to your home HVAC. At Efficient Home Solutions, we’re part of your community and we want to help you keep your system running for many years. We can also help you from a financial standpoint, thanks to our special offers and financing options. Don’t let your system go for years without inspection and maintenance, because it’s easy to prevent disasters from happening. We’d love to start you off with a free home energy audit, and our AC tune-ups will keep your home cool during the hot Texas summer. Contact us today!

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