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10 More Things to You Need to Know About AC Repair in North Texas

Last month, we spoke about the 10 things you need to know about ac repair in North Texas, from Efficient Home Solutions.  This month, we are continuing with that theme with the next 10.  Please if you do not see your problem listed, let us know.  We have an easy contact form on our website. We would love to hear from you.  With that said, let’s look at these other 10 items and see if we can put your mind at ease.

  1. What type of refrigerant does my AC use? Refrigerant helps kick-start the cooling process. Freon, or R-22 refrigerant, is used in older units. However, it is being phased out by the government, so if your unit uses Freon, the cost will only continue to rise.
  2. Why are my energy bills gradually increasing? Increasing energy bills is a good sign that your unit is beginning to fail. An inefficient system will turn on more often as it struggles to cool your home.
  3. My home is having difficulty maintaining a comfortable temperature. If your home can’t maintain a comfortable temperature, it is a sure sign it needs to be examined. It could be due to the age of the unit, part of the unit needing a repair, or that the unit is the wrong size for your home.
  4. What is the typical lifespan for an air conditioning unit? AC units commonly last between 12 and 15 years, but its lifespan can be reduced if its capacity isn’t appropriate for the home. If your unit is too large or too small, it could be overworking, which can shorten its life.
  5. Am I changing my air filters regularly? If your AC is trying to work through dirty filters, chances are it is overworking and running inefficiently. Filters need to be changed on regular intervals and more often if you have pets.
  6. Am I maintaining the ac system properly? Just like you take your car for regular tune-ups, you should do the same for your AC unit. Efficient Home Solutions can inspect your air conditioning unit once or twice a year to ensure proper operation. This can save you big on repairs as problems can be detected and corrected before they become bigger problems.
  7. Is the outdoor unit properly cleaned and maintained? Keep yard debris clear of the unit and be sure the unit is regularly cleaned. This is usually done during the maintenance schedule.
  8. Am I doing all I can inside to ensure my unit can run efficiently? Close curtains and blinds in sunny rooms, and make sure all vents are free of possible blockages. Be sure windows and doors to the outside are properly sealed.
  9. Are your expectations regarding the temperature of your home reasonable? There can typically only be about a 20-degree difference between the outside temperature and the inside temperature. For instance, if it is 100 degrees out, your home may not be able to cool down to 70 degrees. Trying to keep a temperature that low will make the system work harder and increase your energy bills.
  10. Who do I call for AC repair? It is important to remember that not all companies are the same. Efficient Home Solutions is your trusted care for your heat and air. We are available 24/7/365

When you really think about these questions and the ones last month, you begin to realize little things go a long way to make your system more efficient, last longer, and keep your home cool and comfortable.  Efficient Home Solutions is here to partner with you.  Give us a call and set up your maintenance today.  (972)235-2600