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    Heating Repair

    Are there areas of your house that remain cold when the heat is turned up? We will be glad to help you solve any heating problem.

    A/C Repair

    Can you hear your AC running but no cold air is coming through the vents? Whatever the cooling issue, we can help!

    Air Filtration

    Filtering the air inside your home protects your health, your home and even your furnishings, as well as allowing your HVAC system to operate at peak efficiency.

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    Our Technicians Are Certificates Awards

    The lions share of your home utility bill comes from attempting to create a comfortable climate for your family, typically 60 to 70% of your energy consumption. Whether your air conditioner and heater are working well or have seen better days, our Dallas HVAC consultants will make recommendations that can immediately save 30 to 50% off your present utility bills while increasing your level of comfort.

    Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Dallas

    The primary objective of Efficient Home Solutions as a Dallas HVAC contractor is to address your most critical heating and air conditioning concerns, which include comfort during our extreme Texas summer and winter months, without breaking your budget.

    Beat the Heat During the Extremely Hot Summer!

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