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Attic Insulation in Dallas-Ft Worth TX – Most Homeowners Completely Forget about this Huge Home Improvement Problem…

When most contractors come to your home because your furnace or AC kicks in too much, what do they do?

  • Batt Fiberglass Before

  • Blown-in Fiberglass After

  • Blown-in Fiberglass Before

  • Blown-in Fiberglass After

If you’ve had this problem, they usually inspect your furnace or AC system for issues. That’s not necessarily wrong to do. But, it doesn’t examine the “full picture” of all the things that could cause this and ruin your energy efficiency at the same time.

The quality and depth of insulation in your attic (or maybe more accurately, the lack of it) dramatically affects your home’s energy efficiency. As you know, heat rises. And if you have poor, low-quality, or no insulation at all, it escapes right through the ceiling of your home and into your attic. Keeping it in our out of your home, of course, depends on the season. In the summer, heat always wants to move to cooler air temps. So if you have cool air in your home, hot air in your attic, and no or poor-quality insulation in between, a good amount of that heat finds it way inside your home and makes you uncomfortable!

And even though using insulation attic insulation in Dallas homes like yours is key to your energy efficiency, many (maybe even most), homeowners totally forget about it.

Be Careful Which Attic Insulation Contractors in Dallas, TX You Choose!


You can’t just toss a bunch of insulation in your home and expect your energy bills to fall through the floor. You have to install the insulation properly. Insulation, if compressed, loses a lot of its ability to insulate (indicated by a term called “R-Value”). Blown in fiberglass or roll out Batt insulation in Dallas homes like yours installed to the proper depth achieves tremendous results, but if there are not enough bags of material as the manufacturer recommends, you still don’t get the full R-Value this insulation offers. Dallas insulation contractors make these mistakes all the time – so you have to go with someone with extensive experience!

At Efficient Home Solutions, we recommend blown in Fiberglass insulation because it doesn’t burn, settle very much, or break down over the years. So, it insulates your home well for a long period of time. Spray foam insulation works best when installed in homes during the building process when it can be used in the walls and attic.

If your insulation is installed properly, it cuts your energy bills by 30% – 50% per month, and perhaps even more! Think about how much money that saves you in a single year and years after.

Out of All the Dallas – Ft. Worth Attic Insulation Contractors, Why Choose Efficient Home Solutions?

To put it simply, we save you more money and keep you more comfortable than any other Dallas insulation contractor.

Need proof? Just look at this testimonial from “Shawn P.” of Dallas, which he gave us on April 20, 2013:

Efficient Home Solutions cut my electrical bill in half! They did an excellent job. The work was done during the first or second week of them a month, so I only received the benefit for half a month and my bill was already in half! I’m not exaggerating either: my bill went from an average of $500 down to $238, which is more than a 50 percent drop. I’m expecting it to be even lower this month.”

That’s some pretty nice savings for Shawn there in the first month! You can also check these sources for proof of our good reputation:

  1. An “A+” rating with the BBB
  2. A perfect 5-star rating with Customer Lobby (139 ratings and counting…)
  3. Google “EHS HVAC Dallas” and read the glowing reviews customers leave

Our owner loves to get involved in as many customer interactions as possible. Sometimes, he even takes part in the entire process. And you always get follow-up phone calls and a quality control check to make sure everything works as it should.

Finally, there’s no pressure to buy from us. All you have to do is call one of our Certified Professional Building Analysts at 972.235.2600 today, contact them online, or schedule service using the form to the right, and they’ll show you how you can save 30% – 50% (or even more) on your energy bills.

And then when you’re ready to buy, you simply go ahead and do it!

forms-of-insulationInsulation Frequently Asked Questions – Efficient Answers to Difficult Questions

What is R-Value? Why should I care about it?

  • R-Value measures how well your insulation does its job. It measures your insulation’s ability to resist heat flow. The higher the number, the better.
  • You might hear some people call it “marketing baloney.” It’s not. We’ve found higher R-Values lead to lower energy bills year round for our clients.
  • A secret about R-Value: It slowly declines over time because the insulation settles and its air pockets collapse. About every 7 years or so, you should have some more insulation blown in to keep your efficiency high.

Does attic insulation work well alone?

  • It does its job. But it works even better when you don’t allow air to flow around it. Before you have any insulation installed, your contractor should seal off all air leaks in your home to get you the maximum benefit. This process is called “sealing the home’s envelope.”

Where does attic insulation work best?

  • Your attic is the most important place. But your walls, crawlspace, and basement (if you have one) should have it also.

Does attic insulation reduce the loudness of sound?

  • It does to some degree, depending on the type. The primary reason you should install insulation though is so you increase your energy efficiency. Then, view any noise reduction you get as a bonus.

Make Sure You Have Proper Attic Insulation and Maximum Energy Efficiency Today!

Don’t let yourself be any less comfortable than you need to be. If your home gets too cold or too hot, properly installed insulation may be just the cure you need.

To make your home the relaxing place you want and keep your energy bills as low as possible, call Efficient Home Solutions today at 972.235.2600, contact us online, or use the form to the right.

Remember, there’s absolutely no pressure to buy from us! Make your decision when you’re ready – financing is available if you need it.

We also provide insulation vacuum out service for clients who have an ongoing rodent, critter, or allergy problems. After we vacuum out the insulation in your attic, we foam seal utility openings and treat nesting areas for fresh blown-in fiberglass, cellulose, or spray foam insulation.

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