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Air Conditioner Repair Lewisville, TX

Air conditioner repair and new air conditioning unit repair and installation technicians Lewisville, TX.Air conditioner repair and new air conditioning unit.

AC Repair Lewisville.

Just north of Dallas and South of Denton, sits the city of Lewisville.  Home of the Fighting Farmers. With typical North Texas summers, you will need a fan if your air conditioning system stops working. Summer is no joke, in Lewisville, and the excessive heat necessitates working cooling systems and air conditioners.  Inoperable AC systems can cause a dangerous situation that is primed for the potential for heat exhaustion and heat stroke. If your ac system is showing any of the following symptoms or others that are similar, then contact Efficient Home Solutions immediately.  (972)235-2600

  • Only warm air is coming out of the vents
  • You cannot get the system to turn on
  • The system will not turn off
  • Constantly cycling on and off
  • Uneven cooling of rooms
  • Obvious refrigerant leaks

Routine maintenance is a vital to insure optimal and efficient operation of your air conditioning system and can usually catch the above symptoms in early stages. The need to maintain AC systems often by passes the thoughts of many Lewisville homeowners.  Did you know? Neglecting to maintain your AC may void your warranty.  We recommend reviewing your manufacturer’s specifications.  Efficient Home Solutions offers ac service for Lewisville residents to maintain and possibly extend the life of their air conditioners!  The detection of problems, predominantly when they are small in nature, will help reduce wear and tear and prevent extensive problems in the future. Give us a call today (972)235-2600 and let us make sure your Air Conditioning system is operating properly!

Efficient Home Solutions is proud to offer:

  • Certified Technicians
  • Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning & Heating
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Same Day Service
  • Planned Service Agreements
  • Service All Makes & Models
  • Energy Management
  • After Hours Service
  • AC Repair

We service all makes and models: Rheem, Carrier, Amana, Trane

In comparison to repairs, air conditioning installation is a very complicated process and entails extensive knowledge to choose the right system for your home or office. If your constructing a new home, we will work together with you in selecting the best system for your new home that runs at optimal efficiency.  Our experience in all the available discounts, tax credits and factory rebates available in this competitive marketplace, is unmatched. We pride ourselves in that our installations are designed by using the nationally recognized Air Conditioning Contractors of America Manual.  Our program provides calculations to determine the right size system for your home and the appropriate duct sizing.  Did you know the wrong duct size can affect the efficiency of your HVAC system?

We understand what a major interruption and headache finding an AC repair company can be. Efficient Home Solutions prides our self in providing ac maintenance and ac repair services that are affordable, quick, and reliable for Lewisville residents and businesses. Our certified professionals will ensure you get the best AC repair available. We are your solution for maintenance and repair, so contact us today! (972)235-2600

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