Allen 24 Hour HVAC Services

While we would never recommend anyone take the DIY approach to AC repair, there are a few things you can do if you want to avoid having to contact a professional for Allen 24 hour HVAC services. The experts with Efficient Home Solutions will provide you with unmatched 24 hour HVAC services in Allen TX whenever you need us. But if you follow these tips, that will help increase the chances your system will continue to perform for a long time to come.


Clear Your Condenser

We get calls for Allen 24 hour HVAC services on a regular basis because of problems related to the condenser. This is the portion of your cooling system that is outside your home. If only our customers had cleared the condenser of vegetation, acorns, leaves and other debris, they might not have needed 24 hour HVAC services in Allen TX in the first place.

If your condenser is clogged, that will make it very hard to do its job. When that happens, that increases the risk of wear and tear – eventually making the need for a repair inevitable.


Switch Out Your Filter

You’d be amazed how many AC problems people could avoid if they simply took the time to change the air filter. The reason is that a clogged filter makes your system have to go into overdrive to keep you cool. Not only does this make your energy bill shoot through the roof each month, it will also increase the chances that you’ll need 24 hour HVAC services in Allen TX.


Clear the Condensate Drain

This is the part of your system that a lot of people overlook, but it’s really important. A clogged drain could lead to water moving back into your air conditioner – and no one wants that. Just pour a little vinegar down the drain that that should take care of any clogs that exist.

The experts in Allen 24 hour HVAC services with Efficient Home Solutions can tell you more. Call (972) 235-2600 or contact us online to ask questions or schedule an appointment.

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