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Even if you’re having problems with your cooling system, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to call Allen AC repair contractors. There might be a way you could save a great deal of money just by trying a couple of troubleshooting tips. Never try to work on any internal system components – always leave that to professional AC repair contractors in Allen TX. But try these tips first before you call anyone for service.


Basic AC Troubleshooting

First, check your home’s thermostat before you get in touch with any Allen AC repair contractors. You’d be surprised how often this is the problem. Someone could have accidentally raised the thermostat so high that your system isn’t coming on. It’s warmer in your home than normal, so you assume you need to call AC repair contractors in Allen TX because something’s wrong.


Check the thermostat first. If it’s set at the right temperature, check to make sure it’s on “cool” and not “heat.” If that checks out, make sure the batteries are working correctly. If they are, then you might have an issue that only a professional can fix – but try a couple of other things before you make the call.


Changing the air filter is one of them. Your system might simply not be working because of a clogged filter. Turn off your AC, switch out the filter, wait about 15 minutes, and then turn your AC back on. If it still doesn’t work right, look at your vents to see if they’re clogged. If they look OK, check the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped.


Once you’ve done all the above, contact a professional if your air conditioner still isn’t working correctly. That probably means something is going on that it will take an expert to fix. That doesn’t mean it will be serious, however. It just means that a pro will have to get into your system to see what’s going on.


Schedule service with our Allen AC repair contractors if those troubleshooting tips don’t work. You can contact Efficient Home Solutions online, or you can call (972) 235-2600.

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