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When your air conditioning fails in your Allen home or office, you need a company you can trust and rely on.  Efficient Home Solutions for Air Conditioning Allen (972)235-2600

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New 25 SEER Lennox Air Conditioning System

What is the most important system in your Allen home?  If you’re like most Allen homeowners, you responded the air conditioning system.  The system was designed to maintain a cool and comfortable temperature and humidy level within the home, and its importance cannot be understated.   The failure or malfunction of the air conditioning system is one the most stressful moments in homeownership.  Thoughts of cost and inconvenience begin weighing on your mind and the incessant heat just increases your stress level.  Times like these display the importance of having the right conditioning company on your side, Efficient Home Solutions.  Air Conditioning Allen.  For over 12 years, Efficient Home Solutions has been delivering exceptional air conditioning services to Allen residences and businesses!  Our superior services consist of 24-hour Air Conditioning emergency repairs and reliable installations for Allen and across the Metroplex. We are determined to help you and your family remain cool and comfortable during the long, hot dog days of the Texas summer.

Like clockwork, the daily temperature, in Allen, rise to extreme levels in the summer for long-lasting periods of time, demanding higher levels of work from your air conditioner.  The current summer record of days at or above 100 degrees is set at 72.   With this treacherous level of temperatures and demand, your air conditioning system must be ready to work extra hard. If it is not, then a malfunction is sure to ensue.  To safeguard against failure or malfunction of your air conditioning, contact or reach out to us online and schedule an air conditioning system inspection. An inspection is an economical means of ensuring your Allen air conditioning system continues operating at top performance, especially when you need it most.

Efficient Home Solutions delivers an extensive line of services from air conditioning inspection, repairs, and installations of the foremost name brand air conditioning system equipment, including Energy Star units, with the desired results of utility cost reductions and overall efficiency.  Contact us today for a free estimate. (972)235-2600

An educated customer is a happy customer.  An educated consumer will always have the advantage of identifying exactly what kind of air conditioning system they have, and why it works best for their situation.  The situational explanation helps in understanding everything involved with resolving the problem, enacting a solution, and offering economical and efficient methods of utility bill reduction.

What are the Benefits of Allen Air Conditioning from Efficient Home Solutions?

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2 New Lennox Air Conditioning Systems

No Surprises – Efficient Home Solutions will deliver honest, forthright pricing before proceeding with any repairs or possible air conditioner replacement. We never exaggerate symptoms, only provide the truth.

Emergency Air Conditioning Response 24/7 – In Allen, air conditioning repair is not a repair that should be delayed. The time your system is malfunctioning or not working is costing you money or creating a health danger.  Our team of knowledgeable specialists will arrive at your home, diagnose the problem, and return your home to a cool and comfortable sanctuary you expect.

Safety & Comfort Are Job One – When a specialist is sent to your home, the technician will be clean, enthusiastic and will treat you like his own family.  All specialists must pass a strict background check.

Every Option Available – We will advise you of every option available and off our recommendation as to the option we determine to best.  However, if we observe a dangerous situation or we determine the air conditioner may have seen better days and replacement is necessary, we will give you options for repair and replacement, with our honest reasons and recommendations.  Other times, we may find your problem may be a return air issue or other situation than can be easily fixed.

Give us a call today to ask us what we can do for you to save you money while keeping your home comfortable and more energy efficient.  Efficient Home Solutions. (972)235-2600

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