Allen Attic Ventilation Services

There’s a lot of misinformation out there regarding Allen attic ventilation services. The professionals with Efficient Home Solutions would like to clear up a few of them. Attic ventilation services in Allen TX can be very confusing to a lot of homeowners – and even to a few contractors. Here are just a couple of the myths surrounding this subject.


The More Ventilation You Have, the Better

We hear that a lot when performing Allen attic ventilation services. While the size of a ventilation system is important, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have the biggest possible one installed in your attic. Balance is more important. When you get attic ventilation services in Allen TX, the space for the exhaust needs to be the same as the space for the intake. That will depend a lot on the slope of your roof, as well as the size of your attic.

The reason balance is important is that if you don’t have enough, that can lead to an overworked AC system in the summertime, and increased moisture during winter. On the other hand, if you have too much, that can make it a lot easier for water to seep into your roof, and possibly cause major damage. If that happens, you’ll definitely need attic ventilation services in Allen TX.


Roof Vents are Only Important During the Summer

It’s true that roof vents help save your AC from having to work too hard when the temperatures are high. But it’s also important that they work correctly when wintertime rolls around. While we typically don’t get a lot of snow and ice, when we do that can cause major problems if the roof vents aren’t working correctly. That can lead to the development of condensation and moisture when the ice or snow melts, and that could result in damage to your home.

Let the professionals with Efficient Home Solutions handle all of your Allen attic ventilation services. Schedule an appointment by using our online contact form, or by giving us a call at (972) 235-2600 whenever you like.

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