Carrollton AC Repair Contractors

Not all Carrollton AC repair contractors are alike. Some of them are, unfortunately, just plain shady. They might try to sell you a new systcem when you only need your current one repaired. If you actually do need a new system, those AC repair contractors in Carrollton TX will try to sell you the biggest, most expensive unit they possibly can. It doesn’t matter to them that if it’s too big, you’ll actually be wasting money.


How Can This Be?

When unethical Carrollton AC repair contractors sell systems that are too big, those systems cycle all of the time. This means that they come on for a few minutes, cool your home to the specified temperature, and then turn back off. Then they come back on in a few minutes, and do the same thing, over and over – for hours and hours at a time.

As you might expect, this means they’ll undergo an incredible amount of wear and tear. How long do you think your car engine would last if it kept running 22 out of 24 hours every day? The same principle kind of applies to an air conditioner. The longer it has to run, the greater the chances something will break. You’ll wind up needing to call AC repair contractors in Carrollton TX a whole lot earlier than you should.

So, how do you avoid this problem? You turn to an ethical company like Efficient Home Solutions. When you do, we’ll send AC repair contractors in Carrollton TX to your home to perform a load calculation. This simply means that we’ll take the measurements needed to determine the specific size of cooling system that’s right for your home. You’ll have complete confidence knowing that your system will deliver reliability and durability for years to come.


We’re Ready to Tell You More

The Carrollton AC repair contractors with Efficient Home Solutions will be more than happy to tell you not only what size of cooling system you need, but also what type will deliver the highest levels of energy efficiency. Contact us online or call (972) 235-2600 whenever you like.

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