Carrollton Air Conditioner Installations

Do you have experience with Carrollton air conditioner installations performed by companies that, to put it mildly, came up short of your expectations? That new system may have been so poorly installed that it started developing issues just a few days later. The technicians either weren’t experienced enough, or simply didn’t care enough to do the job right. That won’t be an issue when you choose Efficient Home Solutions. When we perform air conditioner installations in Carrollton TX, we do them right the first time – every time.

We have a lot of experience in air conditioner installations in Carrollton TX, and we have a true passion for customer service. Not only do we want you to be cool and comfortable, we want you to be that way for a long time to come. When you turn to Efficient Home Solutions, you can do so with 100 percent confidence.


Getting Your Outside Unit Ready

Our professionals in Carrollton air conditioner installations want to make sure you know exactly what to expect from your installation, and to do so before any work begins. We will, for instance, give you a heads up about what needs to be done before we install the outside part of your central air system, a component known as the condenser.

Air conditioner installations in Carrollton TX will usually involve replacing the pad where the old condenser sat. Since new AC units are typically bigger than older models, that old pad probably won’t be large enough. The ground underneath the pad will then need to be leveled before the new one is set.

You might assume that since the old pad was (more than likely) made of concrete, the new one will have to be made of the same material. Some companies will tell you this, but they’re just trying to get more money from you. You probably only need a composite pad. Not only will it cost less, it will also last longer because it won’t shift with ground movements and crack.

Learn more about Carrollton air conditioner installations by contacting Efficient Home Solutions online or calling (972) 235-2600.

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