Common Furnace Problems Explained

Common Furnace Problems Explained, do you know what they are?

Is your furnace making unfamiliar noises? Maybe you observed your unit blowing cold air instead of the expected comfortable blast of warm air? If so, it may be an indication your furnace or HVAC system is about to fail.  Better to catch it early than when it fails on the coldest day of the winter.  Efficient Home Solutions has pulled together some common warning signs you should not neglect:

A Scraping Sound – If you hear a scraping sound like metal on metal, then the issue may be the blower wheel.  If this is what you hear, then turn off your furnace and call Efficient Home Solutions for a thorough inspection. There are several reasons the blower wheel malfunctions.  It could be loose and if the piece is not too damaged, can be tightened.  It may be the blower wheel is broken and requires replacement. Finally, it may be that the motor mount is broken and causing the blower assembly to shake uncontrollably.

A Loud Bang Upon Starting the Furnace – If you hear a loud bang when you start your furnace, it could be one of a couple things. A dirty furnace burner or ignitor could prevent the burners from igniting, resulting in gas build up. When the gas eventually ignites, it will cause a loud bang.  This could cause a safety issue, specifically if one of the small explosions causes the heat exchanger to crack.  It could result in a carbon monoxide leak but may require the replacement of the heat exchanger. The other reason could be the expanding and contracting of air ducts.

A Whining Noise – A high-pitched noise, which is very annoying, could be the shaft bearings needing oil, an issue with the blower belt, or the blower motor is defective.  Regular maintenance will help pinpoint these issues well before they result in major problems.

Cold Air Blowing Out from the Heating System – when cold air if coming from the heating system, it may be the furnace.  Check to see if your system is set to “on” instead of “auto”.   When set to “on” the heating system will continue to blow even when there is no heated air.  Check to see if the air filter is clean and also check the duct work permitting the leakage of heated air.  There are other reasons that could cause cold air.  Our technicians will check for every possible situation.

If your heating system is presenting any of these warning signs, call Efficient Home Solutions or schedule an appointment online and we’ll send a technician to diagnose your problem and get your home warm and comfortable again quickly.

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