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Periodically, Fairview home owners observe an increase in their home energy costs.  This is part of the norm, to a point, chiefly during the summer and winter months, when stress is amplified on the home cooling and heating system. The one specific item to watch for is a very clear increase above and beyond what is considered the norm or a solid rise over time.  This may be a certain sign of an issue.  However, Fairview homeowners may curious and would like to see if there are areas that can be addressed that will effectively increase the overall efficiency of their Fairview home and reduce their energy expenses accordingly.

Efficient Home Solution’s Fairview Energy Auditors have been trained, tested, and certified in BPI’s (Building Performance Institute) nationally-recognized standards. Our auditors use the building/house-as-a-system method to improve the performance of existing buildings/homes — an approach proven to reduce occupants’/owners’ annual utility bills by as much as 20% to 50%! Henceforth, BPI standards or equivalent standards are cited by the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program from the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well as the Weatherization Assistance Programs of many states.

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Through the Standards Technical Committee, its focus groups, and dozens of committed industry participants, the BPI Standards program upholds a matchless reputation as a credible and flexible standards-making body, and is accredited by the American National Standards Institute as an approved developer of American National Standards. Join Efficient Home Solutions in BPI’s efforts to tackle the critical trends of building performance technology innovation, industry best practices and regulatory by having your building’s/home’s energy efficiency performance evaluated today by one of our Certified Fairview Energy Auditors.

Energy issues are sometimes apparent, for instance you are fully aware if your furnace does not work or your attic does not have insulation. However, addressing a challenging issue where one room does not cool down or how to reduce rising heating bills. For these classes of issues, an energy audit, of your Fairview home, might be the best solution. Without the extensive energy profile that an energy audit offers, it will be difficult to see the upgrades that are most vital and in what order they should be commenced. For example, an energy audit may propose instead of replacing your furnace to lower heating costs, you can realize increased savings with minor improvements such as sealing ductwork and upgrading attic insulation. Efficient Home Solutions can assist in the identification of proper solutions for your Fairview home to guarantee a more comfortable, efficient home.

Benefits of an Fairview Home Energy Audit

As an Fairview homeowner, your deciding whether conducting an energy audit is makes sense or will make a noticeable change in the efficiency of your home.  The answer is a confident yes! Among the many benefits of home energy audits are locating issues within the home:

  • Opposite temperature variations during extreme seasons. I.e. too hot in summer and too cold in winter.
  • Your home has moisture issues or air leakage.
  • The cost to keep your home at a comfortable temperature is too expensive.

Going beyond the simple location of the reasons your home is not energy efficient, there are numerous key benefits to undertaking a wide-ranging examination.

  • Home comfort: Dealing with rooms with temperature extremes is difficult and confounding. A home energy audit can segregate the solution.
  • Energy savings: Due to the uneven nature of fuel prices, it’s important for your Fairview home to run efficiently. Our home energy audits can locate the best opportunities cost savings.
  • Improved resale value:  Increasing your home’s energy performance will have a big impact when the time arrives to sell your Fairview home. Many home buyers and real estate professionals place high priority on energy efficient upgrades and modern systems.
  • Green living: The reduction of environmental impacts is a priority for many homeowners. Efficient Home Solutions can help you locate the best adjustments to reduce your energy use with our extensive home energy audit.

If you’re ready to do make a concentrated effort to do something about the uncomfortable rooms and high heating and cooling costs in your home, Efficient Home Solutions is here to assist you! Our extensive home energy audit will identify the areas of your home causing discomfort and energy loss, allowing us to recommend ideal solutions.

Contact our Fairview team of energy specialists today to get a wide-ranging home energy audit for your Fairview home. Our experienced specialists know what it takes to give you a more comfortable, efficient home!

The link below will provide a sample audit form and give you an understanding of the specific areas the auditor will evaluate during the audit:

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