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Efficient Home Solution’s comprehensive home energy audit ensures you receive the right solutions for your Murphy home. It is not hard to tell if there is a comfort or efficiency issue in your home. If you have uncomfortably hot or cold rooms, irregular temperatures throughout the home, and expensive heating and cooling costs, you recognize upgrades are needed.  The which issues or the exact actions to take are what you may not be sure about is where to begin.  That is where the experts at Efficient Home Solutions, in Murphy, come in.

Our comprehensive home energy audit is specifically designed to identify aggregate issue areas throughout your home, whether in the attic, basement, around windows and doors, or in ductwork. Once we find what is causing your home comfort issues, we can recommend the solutions that are right for your Murphy home’s needs.

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Efficient Home Solution and our Murphy Energy Experts hold true to our certification BPI’s (Building Performance Institute) and its nationally-recognized standards through.  Our experts are trained, tested, and certified in all aspects of home energy.  We use the building/house-as-a-system process to improve the performance of existing homes, which is a proven approach to reduce the annual utility bills, for Murphy homeowners, by 20% to 50%!  The BPI standards or equivalent standards set forth are cited by the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program from the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), including the Weatherization Assistance Programs of numerous states.

The reputation established and upheld by the Standards Technical Committee, accompanying focus groups, and dozens of committed industry participants, is unmatched and sets itself as a credible and flexible standards-making body.  BPI is accredited by the American National Standards Institute as an approved developer of American National Standards.  Please join Efficient Home Solutions in BPI’s efforts to address the critical trends of building performance technology innovation, industry best practices and regulatory by updating your Murphy home’s energy efficiency performance.  Let us evaluate your home today by one of our Certified Murphy Energy Experts.

Have You Thought About How Energy Efficient Your Home Is?

It is important to know where your house is losing energy and the steps you can take to save money.  This is done through a comprehensive home energy audit. During the home energy audit, of your Murphy home, an Efficient Home Solutions certified energy expert will:

  • Evaluate exterior walls, windows and doors.
  • Detect attic air leak areas and evaluate weatherization opportunities.
  • Check and evaluate heating and water heating equipment.
  • Check lighting and appliances.
  • Deliver a report detailing the energy-saving opportunities discovered during the audit, along with your certified expert’s improvement recommendations.

Consider an energy audit as a medical checkup of you home. Obviously, primary goal of an energy audit is to help the Murphy homeowner save money. Everyone likes saving money. An audit can do this in a variety of ways. First, the final report will detail how to reduce energy use, resulting in lower monthly bills. Additionally, the lower the homes energy use the higher a home’s resale value. Studies have discovered that a home’s relevant value rises by $20 every time its yearly energy costs are lowered by $1.  That can be a lot of money in the long run.

The conservation of energy is beneficial to the overall environment. It is estimated 1/5 of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States comes from residential homes.  Energy audits can assist in the reduction of this number. Finally, an energy audit can result in a more comfortable home with an overall healthier environment. During the audit process, hidden issues can be uncovered, including things such as mold growth, unsealed windows, and improper ventilation.

The good thing is once the Murphy homeowner has our full report, they will be able to act quickly to correct all issues.

An energy audit requires no effort from the homeowner, yet provides them with almost countless benefits. For more details about how an energy audit can help you, give us a call now!

If you’re interested in having a comprehensive home energy audit conducted on your house, contact your Murphy Efficient Home Solutions team today. We can help make your Murphy home more comfortable and efficient all year long!

For more information please call 972-235-2600 today!


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