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Is your home too hot during the summer and too cold during the winter?  Are you experiencing extreme temperature fluctuations?  Have you considered having your home completely evaluated by an Energy Audit.  Efficient Home Solutions is the energy audit experts in Wylie. We understand homes are not built perfect and need minor adjustments to increase their energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.  Homes are expensive to operate and any reduction in energy expenses goes along way.

How can you reduce the energy costs of your Wylie home?

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Simple, contact Efficient Home Solutions and set up an appointment to have a wide-ranging home energy audit performed.  Your energy audit will be conducted by one of our certified BPI energy auditors.  BPI is an anacronym for the Building Performance Institute.  BPI establishes the nationally-recognized standards in home efficiency and building performance. Our auditors are exceptionally trained, tested, and certified in all aspects of home energy and we use the building/house-as-a-system procedure to improve the performance of existing homes. This procedure is a verified approach that has been found to reduce the annual utility bills, for Wylie homeowners, by 20% to 50%!  BPI has been acknowledged by the ENERGY STAR Program from the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The standards set forth are industry wide and approved.  The reputation of BPI is unmatched.

With that, our energy auditors focus on every aspect of your home from the attic to foundation and every part in-between. You have seen the spikes in your energy bill in the summer and winter months.  What if you could reduce those and effectively reduce your overall monthly energy bills? 

An energy audit is a medical checkup of you Wylie home. Clearly, the central goal of an energy audit is to assist the Wylie homeowner in saving their hard-earned money. Everyone appreciates saving money. An energy audit can achieve this goal in a variety of ways. Once wide-ranging, the final energy report will detail how to specifically reduce energy use, resulting in substantially lower monthly energy bills. Furthermore, a home’s resale value is directly proportional to the energy conservation and efficiency level of the home.  As the energy efficiency of the home increases the resale value increases at a slightly faster rate.  Recent studies have shown that a home’s relevant value rises by $20 every time its yearly energy costs are lowered by $1.  That can be a lot of money in your pocket.

Conserving energy is environmentally beneficial. It is estimated 1/5 of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States is the result of residential homes.  Energy audits can assist in the reduction of this overall number. Lastly, an energy audit can result in an increasingly comfortable home with a healthier environment. During the audit, hidden concerns can be revealed, including things as mold growth, unsealed windows, and improper ventilation.

The resulting benefit is once the Wylie homeowner has our full report, they will be able to act quickly to correct all concerns.

An energy audit requires no effort from the homeowner, yet provides them with almost countless benefits. For more details about how an energy audit can help you, give us a call now!

If you’re interested in having a wide-ranging home energy audit conducted on your house, contact your Wylie Efficient Home Solutions team today. We can help make your Wylie home more comfortable and efficient all year long!

The link below will provide a sample audit form and give you an understanding of the specific areas the auditor will evaluate during the audit:

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