Flower Mound Air Conditioning Repair

There are a lot of flat-out myths regarding Flower Mound air conditioning repair. While much of the information you’ll find online is accurate, there’s also quite a bit of misinformation. If you’re not an expert in air conditioning repair in Flower Mound TX, it can be almost impossible to separate the truth from the fiction. These are just a couple of examples of myths that we’d like to clear up.


Your Thermostat Can Go Anywhere in Your Home

Most people would be surprised to know that homeowners will often call a professional for Flower Mound air conditioning repair due to an overworked AC system. Why does this happen? In many instances, the culprit is simply a thermostat that’s in the wrong location. When the thermostat is in direct sunlight, it can’t accurately read your home’s indoor temperature. It will always sense that the temperature is higher than it really is. That means it will turn on your AC unit far too often, leading to excessive wear and tear. When that happens, you’ll need air conditioning repair in Flower Mound TX.


You Have to Buy the Biggest HVAC System You Can Afford

This myth is, as you’d probably expect, pushed by people who want to sell you an incredibly expensive heating and cooling system. Actually, if you do this, you’ll probably need air conditioning repair in Flower Mound TX far more often than you’d expect. The reason is that when an AC system is too large, it “short cycles.” This just means there’s a very short amount of time between the system turning on and turning off. Short cycling makes the system work a lot harder than it should. Not only will your energy bills be far too high, you’ll need repairs too often and you will have a very humid house.


Looking for the Straight Story? Contact Us

The experts with Efficient Home Solutions will not only be ready to provide top-quality Flower Mound air conditioning repair, we’ll also be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. You can always be assured you’ll get the right answers. Get in touch by calling (972) 235-2600 or contacting us online.

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