Flower Mound Emergency AC Repairs

If you see that your air conditioner line is frozen, please get in touch with Efficient Home Solutions as soon as you can so we can provide you with Flower Mound emergency AC repairs. There are many reasons why this might be occurring, and we can quickly get to the bottom of the why this is happening. We’ve seen just about every kind of AC problem there is, and we know how to provide fast, effective emergency AC repairs in Flower Mound TX. We’ll do everything we can to fix your issue quickly so that you’re once again cool and comfortable.


Why Do AC Lines Freeze Up?

A frozen line is actually one of the more common reasons people get in touch with us for Flower Mound emergency AC repairs. Sometimes the reason is minor, other times it’s an indication of a serious problem. Frozen lines means there’s something wrong with the air pressure in your system. Air isn’t able to circulate through your vents as a result. This, then, will make it impossible for the refrigerant to make your home cooler. You’ll need emergency AC repairs in Flower Mound TX as a result.

This issue could be something as simple as a clogged AC filter. If you change it out and you still have frozen lines after about 20 minutes, contact us for emergency AC repairs in Flower Mound TX. There could be a refrigerant leak, or the coils could be dirty. All of these are relatively fast, easy repairs – for someone who has the tools and experience to handle them. Never try any sort of do-it-yourself AC repairs yourself, because it’s just too dangerous to do so.

Unfortunately, frozen lines could also indicate something is seriously wrong, such as a faulty blower motor. If you’re also hearing a rattling sound coming from the unit, then the blower motor might have malfunctioned. This will cost quite a bit more to fix.

Whatever the cause, Efficient Home Solutions will be standing by to take care of your Flower Mound emergency AC repairs. Set an appointment by using our online form or calling (972) 235-2600.

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