Frisco Air Conditioning Repair

Saying it’s no fun to need Frisco air conditioning repair is a major understatement. AC problems don’t happen on your schedule – they always happen at the worst time. But if you ever need air conditioning repair in Frisco TX, you can depend on the professionals with Efficient Home Solutions. We have decades of experience, and we know how to diagnose a problem quickly, and then to fix it quickly as well. There are some instances, however, where a homeowner may be able to take care of an issue without needing a professional. Here are a few examples.


The AC Doesn’t Come On

It would be understandable that you’d want to immediately contact a pro for Frisco air conditioning repair if your system didn’t turn on. However, you might not need to do so. Check your circuit breaker first, to make sure it hasn’t tripped. If a trip has occurred, flip the breaker back on to see if the AC turns on. If it’s still not working, turn the thermostat down a few degrees. If the AC still refuses to work, contact Efficient Home Solutions for air conditioning repair in Frisco TX.


The AC Doesn’t Stop

You could have the opposite issue – your AC might just keep going and going. That could also mean there’s some sort of thermostat issue. Change the thermostat batteries and set the temperature higher. If the AC still doesn’t stop, check to see if you have a clogged air filter. There’s a pretty good chance your system will work normally once you change the filter out. Get in touch with us if you’re still having the same problem.


The AC Doesn’t Blow Cold

You might assume you’ll need to call for air conditioning repair in Frisco TX if you don’t get any cold air out of the vent. It could simply mean that the thermostat setting has somehow been switched to “heat” rather than “cool.” If that’s not the problem, contact Efficient Home Solutions.

The professionals with Efficient Home Solutions have a lot of experience providing Frisco air conditioning repair. Get in touch whenever you need to by contacting us online or calling (972) 235-2600.

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