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AC Not Working Again?  How Old is Your System?

If your ac system is aged and regularly malfunctions, it may be time to consider having it replaced.  New or used an ac system installation often seems like a discouraging, overwhelming task.  It doesn’t have to be, especially when you work with a customer and quality dedicated company, Efficient Home Solutions.  Efficient Home Solutions is your Garland trusted care for heat and air.  AC Installation Garland. (972)235-2600


How to Tell When AC Installation is Necessary.

Every major man-made appliance has a finite lifespan, including the air conditioner.  The replacement reasons may vary but the result is the same, a new ac system must be installed.  What are the reasons?  Frequent expensive maintenance costs or the unit has broken down and repairing it is not feasible.  Eventually, the day will arrive when you will need an AC installation contractor.  Proactive preparation will prepare for this unfortunate future certainty.  Regular maintenance will extend the life of the system but it’s often better to replace the system before complete breakdown.  According to Murphy’s Law, it will most likely breakdown during the hottest part of the summer. 

The initial the cost of replacement high may seem high, but eliminating costly repairs and increasing energy efficiency, in the long run, will cover the cost, making good financial sense.  New model energy efficiency is astonishing meaning a lessening in energy consumption resulting in lower energy bills.  You will be happy, but your electric company will not.  This is when the recoupment of initial financial outlays occurs.   If you’re unsure whether or not your AC system has reached a point where the cost of maintenance and repairs have exceeded  value, ask for the suggestions of one of Efficient Home Solutions experts during your next Garland service call. (972)235-2600

Did you know that by converting to a high-efficiency air conditioner you could reduce your air conditioning energy usage by as much as 20 to 50 percent?

Garland AC Installation Questions

What about system brand? Type of cooling system? Size and SEER rating? These are all important considerations our service expert will discuss before installation during assessment.  Efficient Home Solutions only installs the highest quality ac brands.

We’ve installed thousands of energy efficient air conditioners in homes and offices across Garland and the surrounding area.  Through our experiences, we know that the cost of installing an air conditioning system can be intimidating, particularly if it’s an emergency situation, on the hottest day of the year, and you’ve had no time to save money.  This is exactly the reason we offer our customers convenient, flexible financing options with approved credit featuring monthly payments.

Efficient Home Solutions, a locally owned company that serves Garland, with multiple years of experience in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry. Our company installs, repairs, and maintains industry-leading HVAC brands and products. Additionally, we offer free air conditioning installation and furnace repair quotes. Check out the service request page for more information. (972)235-2600

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