Garland Emergency Heating Repair

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Emergency Heating Repair in Garland

Problems with your Garland home’s heating system can be extremely inconvenient, mainly when they occur during the night or weekend during the middle of winter.  When it’s freezing, you need your heater working.  This is the time you need an emergency heating repair company offering 24-hour emergency repair.  When you call Efficient Home Solutions, you can be sure that your home, in Garland, is comfortable and safe no matter when your heating system malfunctions. (972)235-2600

At Efficient Home Solutions, we offer both standard service during regular business hours and emergency service, including 24-hour heating repair. We can handle all of your heating needs, from furnace and heating maintenance to heating system repair, new installations, and more.  Our team of highly experienced, NATE-certified professionals serves the Garland and the surrounding area, and we work with both residential and commercial heating systems. With our flexible, affordable financing options, you will never have to put off the service or repair you need to keep your home comfortable and safe!

Do You Know When to Call an Emergency Repair Service in Garland?

Not every problem with your heating system requires an emergency heating repair service, and by waiting to schedule repairs for a more convenient time, you may save money.  Minor problems such as noisy belts, tripped breakers, or heating system performance issues can often wait until regular business hours.  Emergency heating repair, in Garland, should be a consideration if you notice any of these problems:

  • Heating System Fails to Start
  • Compressor is overheating or tripping safety circuit
  • Smoke or strange smells from the furnace
  • Burner flames that are yellow instead of blue
  • CO alarms sounding
  • Frequent Breaker Trips

These problems are dangerous, and it is crucial you contact our Garland team for emergency heater repair.

Garland Emergency Heating Repair

Efficient Home Solutions offers complete repair, maintenance and installation services for Garland homes and offices operating on gas and electric heating systems, as well as:

  • Heat pumps
  • Hybrid heating systems
  • Ductless heating systems
  • And more

Contact us today for Garland emergency heating system or furnace repair services!

Avoid Emergency Heating Service in Garland with Routine Maintenance

How to avoid emergency heating repair is straightforward.  To prevent inconvenient emergency heating repair calls is with routine furnace and heating system maintenance, such as:

  • Changing the air filters
  • Cleaning the burners on a furnace and inspecting the heat exchanger
  • Cleaning the air handler or blower assembly

Not only does regular maintenance prevent future problems, it also will maintain lower consistently lower utility costs.  Contact Efficient Home Solutions today to schedule your heating system maintenance! (972)235-2600

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