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How many heating and air conditioning contractors let you make the decision? You usually get a recommendation from them, right?

You see, the problem with recommendations from most HVAC contractors is they don’t necessarily take the “full picture” of the heating or air problem you face into account. For example, say your AC unit or furnace kicks on or off way too frequently.

Your AC contractor may recommend you do simple things like replacing the filters or fixing your thermostat. Those may be good things to do. But in reality, your AC or furnace may cycle on and off a lot because:

  • They’re not the right size for your home
  • Your attic, wall or floor insulation isn’t properly installed, or there isn’t enough, or it’s old and has lost most of its insulating ability
  • You don’t have enough return air or they are not located in your home correctly
  • Refrigerant levels are low in your air conditioner or heat pump
  • Your thermostat or return vent is located next to your attic access

Cut Your Energy Bills 30% – 50% Without Sacrificing Any Comfort!

We’re not saying other HVAC contractors are being dishonest and taking your money. They just don’t consider all the factors that cause the symptoms you experience in many cases.

If the real problem your AC or furnace cycles on and off is because of low-quality or improperly installed insulation or no insulation at all, you can cut your energy bills by 30% – 50%, or even more just by properly installing insulation!

And that’s exactly what we did for “Shawn P.,” who left us this glowing testimonial:

Efficient Home Solutions cut my electrical bill in half! They did an excellent job. I’m not exaggerating either: my bill went from an average of $500 down to $238, which is more than a 50 percent drop. I’m expecting it to be even lower this month.”

AC Repair For Dallas, Plano, and Richardson

Custom Solutions, No Pressure to Buy, and Personal Service

Once we get to the bottom of the problem affecting your home’s comfort, we’ll give you all our recommendations and the cost for each. Then you make the decision that works best for your personal comfort and budget right now. Maybe installing a new furnace or air conditioner or blowing in additional attic insulation costs too much for your budget.

That’s fine – give us a call when you want to take action later. If you can get away with a simple, inexpensive fix until you have a bigger budget, we’ll work with you on that too. In some cases, though, we might find your repairs cost too much to justify keeping your existing systems. If you don’t have the budget, financing is available to you with approved credit.

You can check our reputation by:

We’ve earned it by giving customers like you all the information and options you need to make a decision and then letting you do it. Plus, our owner loves to get involved with as many customers as possible. And, you always get a follow-up call, quality control check, and training after every new air conditioner and furnace installation.

All technicians have at least 5 years of experience at a minimum. You always get the right diagnosis and high-quality work on all new air conditioning and heating installations and repairs.

To get AC repair in Dallas that offers stellar on-time service, the power to make your own decisions, cut your energy bills by 30% – 50%, and a comfortable home all year long (even in Texas’s brutal summer heat and unpredictable winter weather), call EHS HVAC at 972.235.2600, contact us online, or schedule your AC service with the form to the right today!

And remember, there’s never any pressure to buy from us or to act now. You do pay a diagnostic fee for all HVAC service calls, but that service fee gets waived if you have us do the work.

3 Common Myths and Misperceptions about Heating and Air Conditioning

1) Is R-Value an accurate indicator of the strength of insulation?

It is. Some people dismiss R-Value and the importance of insulation altogether. But in our experience (and our customers’ as well), when we raise it, that increases efficiency and comfort and reduces your energy bills.

Your contractor must install your insulation properly, though. Improper installation techniques limit your insulation’s effectiveness and dramatically hurts your efficiency.

2) Do I need a high-efficiency air conditioner or furnace?

Not everyone does, and without inspecting your home and talking to you in person, we can’t give you an accurate recommendation. Many brand-new “high-efficiency” homes have their air conditioners and furnaces installed improperly, making them inefficient in reality. It happens because corners are cut to make budgets work.

This actually happened to our owner himself – David Rivera. He bought a brand new home that was supposed to be a modern marvel of efficiency. To his surprise, he found himself paying $1000 per month in energy bills right off the bat! After adding attic insulation and ventilation and more return air, he cut that to around $280 monthly.

3) Are brand new homes energy-efficient?

Not necessarily. As you saw in David’s example, that doesn’t always happen. And there’s tons of homes in Dallas, Plano, Richardson, and North Texas that are exactly the same. If you’re not as energy-efficient as you think you can be, have our Comfort Specialists audit your home to make sure it does everything it needs to achieve high energy-efficiency.

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