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Heating Repair in Allen by the Industry Leading Furnace Repair Company!

Your furnace is broken again and putting a damper on your comfortable evening.   Efficient Home Solutions, in Allen, should be your very first call.  24/7/365 our NATE certified technicians are available. We will be at your home quickly and you can be sure the job will be done right.  You have more important things to deal with than recurring heating repairs.  We will make sure your furnace is back at optimal working order. (972)235-2600

If you find your furnace or heat not working, there are a few things you can do before you call us.

  1. Ensure thermostat is set to “heat”
  2. Check furnace switch
  3. Change your filter
  4. Check the circuit breaker

Contact Efficient Home Solutions and Go Green with your heating and air conditioning needs in Allen

24/7 Emergency Service Available – Free 2nd Opinions!

Don’t Be Let Your Allen Home Be Cold – Call Us For Quick Heating Repair!

Is your home colder this year?  Has it become harder to keep it warm? Are you hearing groans and banging coming from behind your walls? Before you begin to imagine you have a ghost, call Efficient Home Solutions for a heating repair assessment and quote.

We repair, maintain, safety inspect and install every brand and variety of heating and furnace system in Allen, TX. Having a properly functioning heater or furnace is important for your home or business. If your Furnace is not heating your Allen home or office properly and you need an expert to help make your living or working environment comfortable then please look no further.

Signs Your Allen Heating System Needs a Repair

When your heating system requires repairing, it will give a few common signs.  Understanding what the signs and symptoms are will allow you will be aware and hopefully catch the problem before it gets worse.
  • Unusual Noises — banging, clanging, groaning and hissing
  • Foul Odors — A burning smell or the scent of sulfur emanating from your furnace could be a fire risk.
  • Insufficient or No Heat — a lack of heat is a broad issue with several possible causes from a burned-out fuse to a catastrophic failure.  Assessment is needed as soon as possible.
If your furnace is displaying any of these signs or not operating properly, then contact Efficient Home Solutions for a trustworthy assessment. We’ll find the root of the problem.

Allen residents like their homes to maintain a perfect comfortable temperature.  A lot is required to maintain the expected perfect temperature, which the actual temperature is different from home to home. From heat and furnace repair to the scheduling of regular maintenance, Efficient Home Solutions in Allen has you covered through it all. When we repair your heating system, we also look to increase its overall efficiency.  We will suggest adjustments to make it better and provide tips you can use.  When you call Efficient Home Solutions you’re getting more than just heating repair, you’re getting a partner. At Efficient Home Solutions, our experts are experienced in servicing and restoring any type of furnace or heating system regardless of make or model.  You will receive the best service in Allen, that you deserve and expect.

When our NATE Certified HVAC experts come to your home they will perform a full system diagnostic to determine the exact issue you’re having with your system. After testing your system, we will inform the home owner of any problems that were found. If a problem was found our tech will discuss repair suggestions, options.

All heating systems have three basic parts. If your heating system is not working properly, one of these parts could be the problem:

  • Heat source: consists of a furnace, boiler or heat pump, which uses warm air or water to heat your home.
  • Heat distribution system: moves the warm air, steam or hot water throughout the home.
  • Control system: consists of a thermostat, which regulates the amount of heat that is distributed throughout your Allen home.


Always keep in mind that the heating system, in your Allen home, requires regularly scheduled maintenance to maintain safe and optimal operation. A minor problem with one component can rapidly blossom and put added strain on additional components, jeopardizing the entire system.

Keeping your home comfortable in Allen doesn’t have to be a chore. We’re available to take care of any emergency furnace service, reducing the wait long before our experts arrive for a repair.  Call (972)235-2600 or contact us here on our website for an appointment with one of our experts, and don’t forget to browse our coupons to save on services and more.

Keep your Allen Home or Office Warm & Comfortable this Winter

  • 24/7 emergency heating and furnace repair in Allen, TX, and never an overtime charge!

Our Services

  • Free Estimates and Second opinions on New Equipment Installs in Allen, TX
  • Free Service Call with any major heating or furnace repair, service or purchase in Allen, TX
  • The most competitive HVAC financing in Allen, TX
  • Internet/Smart Phone Controlled Furnaces via Thermostat in Allen, TX
  • 12 months promotional financing in Allen, TX
  • Special financing options available with approved credit in Allen, TX – call to talk to a represenative for details
  • Annual Energy Savings Maintenance Agreements in Allen, TX
  • Allen Furnace & Heating system tune-ups (preventative maintenance)
We install Rheem, Amana, and Carrier HVAC products in Allen, TX

We Service:

  • Heat pumps Allen, TX
  • Gas Furnace Systems and Floor Units Allen, TX
  • Electric units and wall furnaces Allen, TX
  • Allen, TX installation of high efficiency furnaces and heating systems
  • Smart Phone/Internet Access controlled Thermostats Allen, TX
  • Air duct design and evaluationAllen, TX
  • Air balancing air duct system replacement and renovationAllen, TX
  • Air Duct repair and sealing indoor air quality testing and installation Allen, TX
  • Electronic air filtration system installation Allen, TX
  • Installation of ultraviolet light air purification systems Allen, TX
  • Custom air purification systems Allen, TX
  • Humidity control air conditioner systems Allen, TX
  • Carbon monoxide testing | Programmable thermostat installation Allen, TX
  • We design air duct systems and Energy Star air conditioner replacements for Allen, TX homes and businesses
  • 10 year parts and labor warranties Allen, TX
  • Limited lifetime warranty on qualifying Amana Furnaces and AC equipment Allen, TX
  • We can repair motors, compressors, and any type of coil Allen, TX
  • Indoor Air Quality Allen, TX
  • Energy-Savings Maintenance Agreement, Allen, TX
  • Service Contracts Allen, TX
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