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We repair, maintain, safety inspect and install every brand and variety of heating and furnace system in Garland, TX. Having a properly functioning heater or furnace is important for your home or business. If your Furnace is not heating your Garland home or office properly and you need an expert to help make your living or working environment comfortable then please look no further.

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For Garland Emergency Heating Repair click here to learn more or call (972)235-2600 There are options for furnaces in Garland.  The option available is one of two, electric or gas furnaces for heating.  High-tech is the current furnace trend for most models resulting in designs concentrated on long term use and lifespan.  However, everyone will eventually fail or require repair service.  Stress is the enemy of man-made appliances and the stressor for furnaces is the increased usage from extreme winter cold.  System failure can be somewhat prevented through regularly scheduled maintenance and reducing the possibility of costly repairs and extending the life of the furnace and heating system.

Electric vs. Gas Furnace for Garland Homes and Businesses

Electric Furnace Garland

Searching for an Electric Furnace, or electricity-powered furnace, is an excellent alternative, especially if your decision is budget driven.  Surprisingly, an increasing number of Garland home and business owners are deciding to go with an electric furnace due to its distinctive advantages.  The advantages include lower cost, lesser maintenance requirements, and the lack of dangerous emissions such as carbon monoxide leakage.

Gas Furnace Garland

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a fast-acting, efficient, durable, dependable and affordable heating system, in Garland? A gas furnace is an excellent choice.  Gas furnaces are designed to operate on a clean-burning fuel source.  Gas furnaces are convenient and a green heating option. Choosing the right size and quality gas furnace is critical to the enjoyment, satisfaction, and hassle-free use of the heating system. Interested in a gas or an electric furnace?  Get in touch with our experts at (972)235-2600! Efficient Home Solutions can help you review the various options available in furnaces.  We want you to be able to confidently select the product that is best suited for your needs and budget.

Our Services

  • Free Estimates and Second opinions on New Equipment Installs in Garland, TX
  • Free Service Call with any major heating or furnace repair, service or purchase in Garland, TX
  • The most competitive HVAC financing in Garland, TX
  • Internet/Smart Phone Controlled Furnaces via Thermostat in Garland, TX
  • 12 months same as cash in Garland, TX
  • Annual Energy Savings Maintenance Agreements in Garland, TX
  • Garland Furnace & Heating system tune-ups (preventative maintenance)
We install Rheem, Amana, and Carrier HVAC products in Garland, TX

We Service:

  • Heat pumps Garland, TX
  • Gas Furnace Systems and Floor Units Garland, TX
  • Electric units and wall furnaces Garland, TX
  • Garland, TX installation of high efficiency furnaces and heating systems
  • Smart Phone/Internet Access controlled Thermostats Garland, TX
  • Air duct design and evaluationGarland, TX
  • Air balancing air duct system replacement and renovationGarland, TX
  • Air Duct repair and sealing indoor air quality testing and installation Garland, TX
  • Electronic air filtration system installation Garland, TX
  • Installation of ultraviolet light air purification systems Garland, TX
  • Custom air purification systems Garland, TX
  • Humidity control air conditioner systems Garland, TX
  • Carbon monoxide testing | Programmable thermostat installation Garland, TX
  • We design air duct systems and Energy Star air conditioner replacements for Garland, TX homes and businesses
  • 10 year parts and labor warranties Garland, TX
  • Limited lifetime warranty on qualifying Amana Furnaces and AC equipment Garland, TX
  • We can repair motors, compressors, and any type of coil Garland, TX
  • Indoor Air Quality Garland, TX
  • Energy-Savings Maintenance Agreement, Garland, TX
  • Service Contracts Garland, TX
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