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Efficient Home Solutions is the Go To Company for Furnace and Heating Repair in Irving.

24/7 Emergency Service Available – Free 2nd Opinions!

EHS provides services including repair, maintain, safety inspect and install of every brand and variety of heating and furnace system in Irving , TX. Having a properly functioning heater or furnace is important for your home or business. If your Furnace is not heating your Irving home or office properly and you need an expert to help make your living or working environment comfortable then please look no further.

Keep your Irving Home or Office Warm & Comfortable this Winter

Irving experiences a lot of warm temperatures most of the year tempting Irving home and business owners to adopt the strategy of waiting until the heating system completely fails before calling for furnace and heating repair.  The wait strategy will only result in frustration, unnecessary costs, and an increased risk of serious malfunctions.  Efficient Home Solutions proposes an alternative.   Instead, let one of our professionals assist at the first sign of heating trouble. What are the warning signs?  Warning signs are indicators the heating system and furnace in your Irving home may need repair or at the least, a reassuring inspection.  If at any time, the following indicators are noticed in your Irving home or business, it’s time to consider calling the Efficient Home Solutions Irving team.  (972)235-2600

What are the Symptoms of a Failing Furnace or Heating System – Irving?

  • Carbon monoxide alarm is sounding, call us immediately!
  • Furnace is not powering on.
  • Cool air emitting from the vents.
  • Audible banging, scratching, or any other kind of noise when the system is switched on.
  • Furnace running continuously.
  • Ignition control or pilot light has malfunctioned.
  • Heating bills are uncommonly high.
  • Odors are emanating from the furnace.

Repair of Common Problems with Heating Systems in Irving

Our specialists at Efficient Home Solutions have the skill and knowledge to diagnose the problem quickly. After diagnosis, repairs are performed to your satisfaction to return your furnace and heating system to working order. Common contributing factors tend to be, clogged filters, broken or damaged mechanical parts, pilot light failure, thermostat maintenance or repair, corrosion, dust, rust, or other fine particles of debris interfering with smooth operation or fan malfunction.  Call EHS and our Irving team when problems arise.  (972)235-2600

Most problems mentioned are preventable and can be discovered before they occur with regularly scheduled Furnace Preventive Maintenance from Efficient Home Solutions.  Schedule your maintenance or repair today for the furnace and heating system in Irving.  (972)235-2600

Our Services

  • Free Estimates and Second opinions on New Equipment Installs in Irving , TX
  • Free Service Call with any major heating or furnace repair, service or purchase in Irving , TX
  • The most competitive HVAC financing in Irving , TX
  • Internet/Smart Phone Controlled Furnaces via Thermostat in Irving , TX
  • 12 months promotional financing in Irving, TX
  • Special financing options available with approved credit in Irving, TX – call to talk to a represenative for details
  • Annual Energy Savings Maintenance Agreements in Irving , TX
  • Irving Furnace & Heating system tune-ups (preventative maintenance)

We install Rheem, Amana, and Carrier HVAC products in Irving , TX

We Service:

  • Heat pumps Irving , TX
  • Gas Furnace Systems and Floor Units Irving , TX
  • Electric units and wall furnaces Irving , TX
  • Irving , TX installation of high efficiency furnaces and heating systems
  • Smart Phone/Internet Access controlled Thermostats Irving , TX
  • Air duct design and evaluationIrving , TX
  • Air balancing air duct system replacement and renovationIrving , TX
  • Air Duct repair and sealing indoor air quality testing and installation Irving , TX
  • Electronic air filtration system installation Irving , TX
  • Installation of ultraviolet light air purification systems Irving , TX
  • Custom air purification systems Irving , TX
  • Humidity control air conditioner systems Irving , TX
  • Carbon monoxide testing | Programmable thermostat installation Irving , TX
  • We design air duct systems and Energy Star air conditioner replacements for Irving , TX homes and businesses
  • 10 year parts and labor warranties Irving , TX
  • Limited lifetime warranty on qualifying Amana Furnaces and AC equipment Irving , TX
  • We can repair motors, compressors, and any type of coil Irving , TX
  • Indoor Air Quality Irving , TX
  • Energy-Savings Maintenance Agreement, Irving , TX
  • Service Contracts Irving, TX

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