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Efficient Home Solutions is the Trusted Care for Your Heating and Furnace Repair in Lucas

24/7 Emergency Service Available – Free 2nd Opinions!

Making sure your heater system and furnace are working properly is extremely important, especially when winter arrives.  Don’t be left out in the cold.  Efficient Home Solutions is can repair, maintain, inspect and install every variety of heating and furnace system in Lucas , TX.   We are here when you need us most 24/7.  If your Furnace is not heating your Lucas home or office properly and you need an expert to help make your living or working environment comfortable then please look no further.

Looking to Maintain the Warmth & Comfort in Your Lucas Home or Office this Winter?

24/7 emergency heating and furnace repair in Lucas , TX, and never an overtime charge! Call (972)235-2600 Don’t let your heating system or furnace leave freezing and hiding under blankets to stay warm.  It’s only a matter of time before your furnace doesn’t turn on.  Before then we recommend regular maintenance.  When it finally happens, you can do a few things to try to solve the problem.  If these do not work, then call Efficient Home Solutions at (972)235-2600. Troubleshooting List for Lucas Homeowners – 4 Items Quickly Check When Your Furnace is Malfunctioning
  1. Thermostat Setting – Make sure thermostat is set to “heat.”
  2. Furnace Filter – Check the air filter.  A dirty filter can cause furnace overheating and stop working as a safety precaution.
  3. Circuit Breaker – Check the circuit breaker for possible tripping. Locate it on your home’s electrical panel. Reset it if the breaker is in the middle or “off” position.
  4. Furnace Switch – The furnace has a switch on or near it that resembles a regular light switch. It should be in the “up” or “on” position. If it was turned off, give your furnace a few minutes to begin running.
If your heating system remains off, Call Efficient Home Solutions and we will inspect the issue and repair it.  Our professionals have successfully completed comprehensive testing to earn the HVAC industry’s gold standard, NATE certification. Efficient Home Solutions has the experience to repair the furnace, in your Lucas home, right the first time. Heating systems, in Lucas homes and offices, often malfunction and stop working because they haven’t been regularly tuned up. Once your furnace is repaired, Efficient Home Solutions suggest putting your AC and heating system on a scheduled maintenance plan.  Choosing a regular maintenance plan could limit expensive repairs and help your furnace run better. A furnace that runs efficiently can help you save money on utility expenses and potentially enhance the air quality in your home. Contact the Efficient Home Solutions Lucas team at (972)235-2600.  Remember, returning to the warmth and comfort your missing on a cold winter day is only a phone call away to Efficient Home Solutions and our Lucas team.

Our Services

  • Free Estimates and Second opinions on New Equipment Installs in Lucas , TX
  • Free Service Call with any major heating or furnace repair, service or purchase in Lucas , TX
  • The most competitive HVAC financing in Lucas , TX
  • Internet/Smart Phone Controlled Furnaces via Thermostat in Lucas , TX
  • 12 months promotional financing in Lucas, TX
  • Special financing options available with approved credit in Lucas, TX – call to talk to a represenative for details
  • Annual Energy Savings Maintenance Agreements in Lucas , TX
  • Lucas Furnace & Heating system tune-ups (preventative maintenance)
We install Rheem, Amana, and Carrier HVAC products in Lucas , TX

We Service:

  • Heat pumps Lucas , TX
  • Gas Furnace Systems and Floor Units Lucas , TX
  • Electric units and wall furnaces Lucas , TX
  • Lucas , TX installation of high efficiency furnaces and heating systems
  • Smart Phone/Internet Access controlled Thermostats Lucas , TX
  • Air duct design and evaluationLucas , TX
  • Air balancing air duct system replacement and renovationLucas , TX
  • Air Duct repair and sealing indoor air quality testing and installation Lucas , TX
  • Electronic air filtration system installation Lucas , TX
  • Installation of ultraviolet light air purification systems Lucas , TX
  • Custom air purification systems Lucas , TX
  • Humidity control air conditioner systems Lucas , TX
  • Carbon monoxide testing | Programmable thermostat installation Lucas , TX
  • We design air duct systems and Energy Star air conditioner replacements for Lucas , TX homes and businesses
  • 10 year parts and labor warranties Lucas , TX
  • Limited lifetime warranty on qualifying Amana Furnaces and AC equipment Lucas , TX
  • We can repair motors, compressors, and any type of coil Lucas , TX
  • Indoor Air Quality Lucas , TX
  • Energy-Savings Maintenance Agreement, Lucas, TX
  • Service Contracts Lucas , TX
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