How Often Should I Replace My Home’s AC Filter?

Air Conditioner FIlter

Tired of the summer heat yet? Here in North Texas, we might be done with the 100-degree days…or we might not. Regardless, you want to be sure you’re replacing your AC filter/s on a regular basis. The question we at Efficient Home Solutions get asked a lot is, how often do I need to do that?


The most accurate answer is: it depends. It depends on a lot of variables, so let’s walk through a few of them.


Air Quality, Indoors, and Out


If you live out in the country, you might not need to change your filter as often – let’s hear it for clean country living! However, if you reside in a busy downtown area, there’s typically a heavy concentration of people as well as their vehicles, not to mention construction. This can result in indoor air being affected by smog, dirt and dust, making your filter have to work much harder. Think of living in Prosper or Celina, as opposed to living in the heart of Dallas. Along with the quality of the air outside, the size of your home is another variable. Since a bigger home has to circulate larger amounts of air, its filter should be changed regularly. The good news is, if you forget to replace your filter for long enough, and your unit freezes up…we’re always here for 24-hour emergency service.


Pets and People


Another major factor is who is living in your house, and how often – for example, the filter at a vacation home clearly won’t need to be changed as often as one in a main residence. Texas allergies are a painful reality for many people, and if that’s the case for anyone in your household then the filter should be replaced more frequently. Medical issues like asthma or respiratory conditions are also a concern. Along with people, pets are also a consideration. Many of them shed profusely, and besides their fur and dander, they can also track in dirt from outside. 


You also need to think about the number of people and pets. Here are a few good rules of thumb: if there’s one person with no pets or allergies (or it’s a vacation home), change the filter every six to twelve months. If you have one pet, every two months is a good idea. And if multiple pets live there, or if someone has allergies, it’s best to replace the filter every 20 to 45 days.

Pets and Air Filter

Time For a Check-Up


One of the best ways to see if you’re changing your AC filter often enough is to have the experts evaluate your indoor air quality. According to the EPA, the quality inside your home can be up to 70% more polluted than the air outside it. Your filter model also has an impact on that quality, since they are rated for different particles of varying sizes. Contact Efficient Home Solutions to schedule an assessment of the air you and your family are breathing because Indoor Air Quality Testing will show if you need a different filter, or if you need to change it more frequently.


We’re Here For You

Changing your AC filter seems minor, but as you’ve seen it can have major effects on your house and family. Efficient Home Solutions is proud to be part of your community, and we’re available to help with everything HVAC-related in your home. Change that filter regularly, and if you need help, give us a call!

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