Importance of Fall Heating Maintenance

Fall is here and winter will soon arrive. This means backyard barbecues, football, and best of all, saying goodbye to the scorching summer.
As homeowners, we understand the importance of having our air conditioning systems operating at their peak levels. If you have ever gone through even a day of summer heat with a broken air conditioner, you understand that maintenance is a necessity. You can always spot a home with no AC because every door and window is open and fans are spread out to provide air flow. You might also see the owner on the phone desperately trying to get a technician over to fix the unit. After one or two of those experiences, concerned homeowners will contract a reputable company and set up an inspection plan to ensure that they stay cool during the summers, not thinking much about winter.

Although mild compared to many parts of the world, North Texas winters can be cold with temperatures dropping below freezing. Most of us consider “winterizing” a foreign word which means stocking up on firewood for nights huddled around the fire pit. Those who are considered “prepared” make sure outdoor plumbing is insulated and that plants are covered. Many homeowners overlook the heating maintenance.


Here are a few reasons why an inspection and maintenance of the heating system is just as important as the periodic check-ups of the air conditioner.


  • 1. Safety

    Safety is the most important reason to do just about everything. While you may not imagine any major risks from a defective heater, there are some which could be life-threatening. Carbon monoxide, the odorless and tasteless gas that we’ve all heard about, can be generated from gas or oil burning heaters. Most people know it as a silent killer and all of us should take it seriously. Another risk is that an improperly running thermostat could result in overheating. Now being too hot is one effect and will certainly be uncomfortable, but it could also cause a fire which has even worse consequences.

  • 2. Savings

    Just like an air conditioner, a properly running heater operates safely and as efficient as possible resulting in overall less cost and more money saved. Not only will the equipment operate efficiently since heat loss will be reduced, it will run smoothly reducing unnecessary wear-and-tear and extending the operational life of the unit. Replacing an HVAC unit can cost more than $10,000. The cost of replacing your system makes the price of regular inspection and maintenance seem like pennies.

  • 3. Security

    Finally, we’ll briefly discuss security. Keeping your heater operating at its peak level of efficiency is not going to provide the same security as your home monitoring service or the roving patrols by your neighborhood watch, rather than the feeling of knowing that you won’t be woken in the middle of the night looking for extra blankets and worrying that your loved ones are shivering and unable to keep warm. Regular check-ups and maintenance provides security in knowing that reliable warmth and comfort is provided for you and your family during the winter.

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