Improving the Air We Breathe Starts Where We Have Control, Our Home

Our lives revolve around homes and the people we share it with.  We care about our quality of life, but do we consider the air we breathe at home?  In a recent article, in the Washington Times, the idea and concept of controlling and bettering the air in our home is examined. [click here to read article]

The article points out how we eat healthy and work out regularly, but do we really think about the one place we can control the air we breathe? From the beginning, Efficient Home Solutions has focused its services beyond the regular services of repair heating and air conditioning units, into the quality and ultimate cleanliness of the air within the home. Efficient Home Solutions can evaluate your home’s air quality and recommend solutions for improvement is you so desire.  We have developed some tips to consider:

  • Check Your Ventilation – Don’t let air flow become stagnant
  • Keep Your AC Clean – Change filters regularly and clean intake vents.
  • Regularly Clean Your Sheets and Clothes – This will cut down on dust mites
  • Use an Air Purifier – Beeswax candles are a good option
  • Houseplants – Houseplants can remove toxins from the air. Different plants have different toxin removal qualities.
  • Use Essential Oils
  • Eco-friendly Cleaning Products use helps in reducing in home toxins.

Your home is your sanctuary and maintaining clean breathable air will not only help with allergy reduction but will make you feel better.  Efficient Home Solutions is focused on improving your home’s air quality.  Give us a call and we can check evaluate your air quality.

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