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Attic Insulation Wylie and Attic Insulation Wylie, TX

SAVE MONEY, WHILE STAYING COOLER in the SUMMER and WARMER in the WINTER. The number one way to save money on utility bills is through making sure your Wylie home has adequate attic insulation. In the past, builders used essentially anything to keep moisture and hot or cold air out of the home. In Wylie, many homes are severely under insulated considering the heat that accompanies Texas summers. The EPA advises an R value between 30 and 60, whereas most homes don’t even come close.

What are the effects of low or inadequate insulation? In Wylie, attics can reach up to 150 degrees. Inadequately low insulation can lead to warm spots in the home that can result in an excessive strain on your A/C system. Your AC system will be required to run longer cycles resulting in increasing electric bills. This holds true for winter use also. If your home is losing warm air then your heater or furnace must work harder and longer to maintain a comfortable temperature. With Efficient Home Solutions, the process of insulating your home has become almost a science. Our team of expert insulation installers are also experts in home energy efficiency. Each technician is NATE and EPA certified and trained frequently on the changes and updates to home efficiency recommendations and best practices.

What are the benefits of Attic Insulation for your Wylie home?

  • A/C will run less & cycle less
  • Proper density of insulation applied will reduce thermal penetration into living area
  • Energy Star Partner recommended
  • Hot & cold spots eliminated
  • Installed correctly, insulation will hold comfort air in home longer
Blown in Fiber Glass Wylie
Spray Foam Wylie
Spray Foam Wylie
Batt Fiberglass Before Wylie
Blown-in Fiberglass After Wylie
Blown-in Fiberglass Before Wylie
Blown-in Fiberglass After Wylie

We vacuum out old dusty, pest infested, chemically treated insulation from Wylie attics and replace it with new, clean and chemical free blown in Fiberglass Insulation or Spray Foam Insulation.

Vacuum Out Wylie
Poly Seal and Treat Wylie

When correctly installed in your Wylie home or office, each type of insulation will deliver increased comfort, lower energy bills, improved air quality, reduce noise infiltration and reduce the need for dusting year round. As a part of a proper premium installation we foam seal accessible utility, phone, data, cable and plumbing holes to reduce the movement of Hot and/or Cold air depending on the season from the attic or crawl space into your living areas and walls.

An Attic Access Tent is the ultimate attic access cover. It insulates and seals! No tex home or attic should be without one.

The attic tent creates an air-tight barrier, and fits standard folding attic stair sizes. Zippers allow for safe and easy access. Attic tents seal out insulation, Carbon Monoxide, allergens and dust particles which improves indoor air quality as well.

Recessed canned light covers are specifically designed to keep insulation away from standard recessed lights. The durable and lightweight canned light covers will significantly reduce thermal loss through the light and condensation on roof timbers.

Whatever your needs, we can make your home more energy efficient. Financing is available if you need it.
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Attic insulation installation tactics have changed over the years. As mentioned, the incorporation of R-values to different materials has been very successful in increasing home energy efficiency. The higher the R-value the better insulated the home will be. It’s not an easy task to install attic insulation, even for a company that provides the best home insulation in Wylie. Efficient Home Solutions takes pride in our ability to assist homeowners in choosing the type of insulation that will save the most money on energy costs and improve the overall comfort of their Wylie home. No one home is completely identical, and our experienced insulation professionals specialize in determining the right insulation solution. What are they typical problems found in attics?

We have put together a list of seven common problems our technicians regularly find in attics:

  • Missing blown-in insulation, possibly never installed
  • Misaligned fiberglass batts
  • No baffles at vented eves
  • Air infiltration and air barrier issues
  • Poorly installed blown-in insulation, usually uneven depths of insulation
  • Not enough insulation (typical in older home)
  • Knee walls and skylight wells with poorly installed batts

To realize energy savings and improvements in comfort, these short comings and issues must be identified and addressed in the quote and work performed. We have provided a short article that addresses each of the issues called: Common Attic Insulation Defects.

Not only does Efficient Home Solutions provide the highest quality in attic insulation, we have the best customer service in Wylie. Hire Efficient Homes Solutions, and you’ll get the best attic insulation Wylie must offer. Call Today (972)235-2600!

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