Irving AC Repair Contractors

There are some instances where Irving AC repair contractors have to tell their customers they need a new air conditioner. The repairs needed either won’t work, or will be so extensive that the customer will be better off with a new unit. If this ever happens to you, however, don’t panic. At Efficient Home Solutions, your AC repair contractors in Irving TX will make sure you get the right system and get it at a price that will be much more affordable than you may think.


Sizing Your New System

Our Irving AC repair contractors will come to your home and take a load calculation, which basically means that we’ll determine what size of cooling system you need. Unfortunately, there are come AC repair contractors in Irving TX that will always try to sell you the biggest, most expensive system they can. They don’t really care that it will cause you all kinds of problems down the road.

Why is that the case? A unit that’s too big will definitely keep you cool. The issue is that it will turn off and on – or “cycle” – way too often. It also won’t do a good enough job of removing humidity from your home. When an AC unit cycles and cycles, that, of course, causes a great deal of wear and tear. That means it probably won’t be too long until you’ll be calling AC repair contractors in Irving TX for service.

But if the AC unit is too small, you’re going to have the same issue. It will have to work incredibly hard in order to keep you comfortable. This will also result in wear and tear, and will also result in repairs.

That’s why you need to turn to an honest company such as Efficient Home Solutions. We’ll tell you exactly what size of cooling system is right for your specific home.

Contact our Irving AC repair contractors online to schedule service, or give us a call at (972) 235-2600. You’ll always be able to count on us to take care of you.

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