Lewisville Attic Ventilation Services

The professionals with Efficient Home Solutions have a lot of experience providing Lewisville attic ventilation services. We have a lot of satisfied customers throughout the area because we know how to treat people right. Whenever you need us for attic ventilation services in Lewisville TX, you’ll always be able to count on us to deliver top-quality services at an affordable price. We’ll also be here to answer any questions you may have. Here’s the answer to one of the most common questions we receive.


How Much Attic Ventilation Do I Need?

One of the things we see most often when providing Lewisville attic ventilation services is that a lot of homes are under-ventilated. As a result, most homeowners have no idea of how much they need, or what kind they should buy. In general, for every 300 square feet of attic space you have, there should be 1 square foot of exhaust. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that when they call us for attic ventilation services in Lewisville TX.

Why is this important? The biggest reason is that a lack of ventilation can lead to a wide range of issues that can affect your entire home. This is especially the case in a place such as Texas, where the summertime sun can really boost your energy bill – and do a number on your roof.’

If you don’t have enough ventilation, attic ventilation services in Lewisville TX can make your attic incredibly hot. The super-heated air gets trapped, and has to find some way to get out. If there’s not enough ventilation, that air has to go someplace. In many instances, that means leaking out into other rooms in your home. As you might expect, this will result in your AC system having to work incredibly hard just to keep you somewhat comfortable. That can lead to an increased risk of needing repairs.

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