Three Essentials for a Cool, Comfortable Fourth of July in Dallas & North Texas


Fourth of July is this Thursday and many North Texans will head outside to enjoy time by the pool and grill as we celebrate all things red, white and blue. 

With temperatures forecasted to reach the upper 90s, Efficient Home Solutions air conditioning repair customers in Dallas, Richardson and Plano are getting their first real taste of the brutal triple-digit summer heat.

At EHS, we’re not just experts on indoor comfort, AC repair and HVAC installation, we’re all about outdoor comfort as well! That’s why we’ve put together a list of the Three Essentials for a Cool, Comfortable Fourth of July in Dallas & North Texas.

Head to any pharmacy or grocery store for a variety of sunscreen options before you move to the patio or pool. When picking out which sunblock is right for you, there are number of things to take into consideration, including: UVB protection, UVA protection, water/sweat resistance, kid-friendliness and sensitivity for skin problems and allergies.

Texas routinely ranks in the top three states for hottest summers. Make no mistake about it – the Fourth of July normally lies around the beginning of the infamous Texas heat.

So while EHS keeps the inside of your home cool and comfortable during the summer months with a new high efficiency air conditioning system, portable misters are the perfect remedy for outdoor heat. Portable misters, like the one pictured below, are ideal for decks, patios and even by the pool and can be purchased at any major retailer like Walmart or Target.


Bug Spray
Last summer, OFF! Insect Repellants surveyed nearly a fourth of the U.S. population to build its list of the 25 Buggiest Cities in America. Texas put four cities in the Top 25: DFW at No. 17, Austin at No. 16, San Antonio at No. 14 and Houston at No. 3.

As Dallas has already begun its West Nile virus prevention campaign, there’s no good reason why you shouldn’t be wearing some kind of bug spray or insect repellant this weekend. Don’t forget: insects aren’t called pests for nothing, they’re annoying and put your fun and comfort in jeopardy!

Hopefully these tips keep you nice and comfortable while you’re outside with the family this holiday weekend, but in the event that your comfort inside isn’t quite up to snuff and your air conditioning system may be faulty– be sure to call the Comfort Specialists and Dallas, North Texas’ air conditioning repair experts at Efficient Home Solutions today!

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