Plano AC Repair Contractors

The Plano AC repair contractors at Efficient Home Solutions have a lot of experience. There’s no kind of cooling system problem we haven’t seen, and no kind of problem we can’t fix. Lots of homeowners contact our AC repair contractors in Plano TX because they’re hearing some sort of odd noise coming from their unit. Get in touch with us as soon as you can if you hear any of the following sounds.


Hissing Sounds

Please don’t hesitate to call our Plano AC repair contractors if you ever notice a hissing sound coming from the air conditioner. There’s a chance that it could be something that won’t be that hard to fix, such as a leaking valve, or a leaking refrigerant line. But it could also mean the compressor is about to give out. One of our AC repair contractors in Plano TX will quickly determine what’s going on, and what needs to be done to address it.


Crackling Sounds

This could be a very minor thing. A piece of paper might have been sucked into your unit, or it could be a cellophane wrapper. This debris might have wrapped itself around the fan, so turn off the air conditioner immediately and get in touch with our AC repair contractors in Plano TX. If you keep your AC running, that could cause it to overheat, and lead to the fan motor failing. That would be a really big problem, as you can well imagine.


Gurgling Sounds

It can be really annoying to hear gurgling, since it’s often difficult to pinpoint exactly where that sound is coming from. It usually means there’s a refrigerant line problem, such as a failed seal. Let us take care of the problem so you don’t have to worry about it any longer.


We’re Standing By

Our team of Plano AC repair contractors is ready 24 hours a day to handle whatever kind of cooling system problem you may have. Schedule service by giving us a call at (972) 235-2600 or using our convenient online form as soon as you can.

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