Preventative Maintenance- Why it’s Worth the Money!





One of the most important systems in your home is the one that keeps you comfortable; your heating and cooling system. Did you know that much like your car, this system needs regular maintenance to keep running efficiently, prevent major breakdowns and save you money?

Let’s talk about the number one reason for getting regular service done on your air handler, saving YOU money. Routine preventative maintenance can save you money by catching small problems before they become big problems.  Much like cars, air handlers have many moving parts that need to be lubricated and belts that should be periodically changed out. Failure to perform regular maintenance on these parts can lead to expensive, emergency repairs when they fail.  Periodic checks on critical components, including coolant, coils, and air distribution systems can catch issues with these critical pieces before they break. These parts are most likely to break when the unit is working it’s hardest; and you will be the most uncomfortable without your heating.

Keeping your unit running well, as long as possible, is another money saver in itself. As the most expensive piece of machinery in your home; the better maintained the system is, the longer it will last. A well maintained system can easily last 10 years or more. Given the significant amount of money that you have put into purchasing, or are looking at spending to replace an existing system, it is in the best interest of your wallet to invest small amounts of money to keep the system running at top efficiency for as long as possible. A new system could cost as much as $10,000; for every year past 10 years that you can keep your existing system running, you will save $80-$100, which will often offset the cost of having regular maintenance performed on your system.

A clean, well maintained air handler will use 20% less energy than an unmaintained, dirty system.  Since the system is running more efficiently, more heat is delivered where it needs to be and the system will run for a shorter amount of time. That 20% could equal as much as $400 a year. In addition to the savings on your utility bills; it also reduces the wear and tear on components, lengthening the life of the system, and saving you money!

As if saving money wasn’t reason enough to maintain your system; there are other reasons. On average, your home will exchange the inside air with outside air more than 5 times an hour, and most of that air will come into contact with your air handler as it enters your home. A dirty air handler can contaminate that air with dirt, mold and bacteria, which breeds in a dirty air handler.  These contaminants are then spread throughout your home via the duct system. Indoor air quality is often considerably worse than outside air quality, and the toxins being thrown around the inside of your home via your duct system can account for up to 30% of those poisons.

There are fewer things you can do to save money on utility bills and make your home healthier, more comfortable than having your air handler serviced before heading into the months of hard use. So, having seasonal maintenance performed on your air handler can save you as much as $500 a year AND significantly extend the life of your heating system.

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