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If your looking for a spray foam insulation company in Plano, then you have come to the right place.How long have you lived in your home?  How old is your home?  We ask these questions because they are very important in determining if your insulation needs to be replaced or additional added.  Did you know simply upgrading the quality of the insulation, in your home, will decrease your energy bills? Older types of insulation in homes around Texas deteriorate and can cause problems over-time. Spray foam Plano. There are many types of home insulation, but spray foam insulation can achieve a perfect fit.  Spray foam eliminates voids and gaps between other building materials reducing air infiltration. There is no sagging due to the structural make up of spray foam and it will not settle or deteriorate like other conventional insulations. Efficient Home Solutions is your Plano Spray Foam Experts. (972)235-2600

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When considering insulation for your home, consider using spray foam.  Spray foam is a Low pressure, closed cell polyurethane spray and is the best insulation product available for homes in Plano. Closed cell spray foam is superior to other types of insulation for three reasons. Spray foam provides the best R-value per inch, and it acts as barrier for both air and moisture. Once applied, it forms a continuous barrier across the application area (walls, roofs, floor rim joists, and corners of the home).  When applied, the foam expands immediately to create a rigid foam sealant and barrier. It has an amazing ability to fill the smallest cracks and corners not seen in traditional forms of insulation.

Homes in Plano need as much protection as possible due to weather extremes and that starts with your air barrier.  A good air barrier improves your insulation’s performance as well as the air quality within your home. A properly functioning air barrier can help keep out unwanted things such as pollen, dust, and insects from entering your home through cracks, gaps, and crevices. Spray foam can be applied to these locations making your home airtight, and more energy efficient. Additionally, correctly applied spray foam acts as a moisture barrier.  The idea is to prevent moisture from passing through the foam, and your house. The reduction in moisture protects your home from mold growth and other moisture related issues.

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