Staying Cool in North Texas

Summer is definitely one of the most exciting seasons of the year calling for trips to the beach, memorable vacations, and a large number of days spent by the pool. However, summers in North Texas can be scorching hot, making you wish you didn’t have to get out of the pool! The warm weather on beautiful sunny days definitely seems like a wonderful place to spend your summer, but handling the heat just might be the most difficult task. Surviving the hot days will be a very difficult task if you do not have an efficient HVAC system installed. Staying cool in the North Texas summer heat is definitely a challenge. We should all take time out and be thankful for an invention like air conditioners because they help us to stay cool during the hot summer days.

Our bodies require time to enjoy cool air and not be overheated. Even though spending time out in the sun can be exciting, staying cool is just as important. A few tips provided below can assist you in staying cool as well as helping you cut heat gain inside your home and reduce the cost of cooling by decreasing the load on your HVAC system in North Texas.

Doors and Windows

These are usually the most common sources of leaking air. You should look around for cracked windows to see if you need to make replacements. Check around for cracked or gaskets in your windows providing the required repairs to prevent any sort of hot air intrusions from ruining the coolness of your home.

UV Filtering

You can prevent the heat outdoors from entering your glass doors and windows by installing ultraviolet filtering window films. This will help prevent the heat from tampering with the cool air that your AC blows out. You do not have to purchase any new windows or hire professionals to come install the film. The film is easily available in home supply stores and you can easily apply it to maintain the cool and relaxing environment in your house located in North Texas.

Better Circulation of Air

If you have a ceiling fan in your room, then you can turn it on while using your AC. This will help to improve the circulation of cool air in your home and keep you from feeling dehydrated. Using fans is an amazing tip and it will help to keep your home from becoming overheated.


Have Your HVAC System and Home Evaluated

How Can Our AC Service in Dallas Cut Your Indoor Air Temperatures by 35° And Your Energy Costs by 40% Per Month at the Same Time?

Well, for starters, it doesn’t matter how old your air conditioning system is…brand new or more than a decade. It could be installed wrong. A report by McKinsey & Company, a leading business consulting firm, found that “contractors install 90% of energy efficiency equipment sub-optimally,” and that it skyrockets your AC costs by “30 percent.”

The problem is most contractors offering AC repair in Dallas want to run you through their process so they can install a maximum efficiency AC system for you. We’re not saying that’s a dishonest approach, but it doesn’t address all the factors affecting your energy efficiency.

That could include using a simple solution like replacing your entire AC system. But it could also mean that:

  • You don’t have the right size AC system installed for your home
  • There’s not enough air returns throughout your house
  • Your attic isn’t insulated at all, or its ability to insulate has slowly declined over the years due to natural settling or deterioration
  • Your attic’s air envelope isn’t sealed properly
  • Your attic isn’t ventilated well

The truth is we don’t know what’s best for your home’s air conditioning and energy efficiency until we take a closer look at it, so give us a call to schedule an appointment while we still have great financing terms at competitive rates! 972-235-2600

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