It’s Time to Start Thinking About Your Heater Again!

It’s time to start thinking about your heater again.  Yes, its hard to bring your mind around to your heating system when the weather is still flirting with 100 degrees.  However, cold winter days are just around the corner.  Winter will be here before you know it.  As hot as it gets in Texas, it gets just as cold in the winter. In an average year, North Texas receives 37 days below freezing.  That is a lot of cold days and nights. Is your heater up for the challenge?

When is the Best Time for Your Annual Heating Service?  Now!

It’s that time of year again to begin thinking about your annual heating service! August and September are the best times to start thinking about your heating service, because making sure your unit and entire system is functioning at its best, right before you will need it this winter. North Texas receives, on average, 37 days below freezing, make sure your heater is ready! At Efficient Home Solutions, we make sure your heating system is working at its very best.

Benefits of Annual Heating System Maintenance

If you are not already signed up for your heating maintenance, here are just a few of the reasons why you should call our heating professionals and set up your appointment today.

  • Higher Efficiency
  • Fewer Repairs
  • Lower Breakdown Risk
  • Extended Lifespan
  • Safer Operation

From start to finish, our team at Efficient Home Solutions is dedicated to making sure your equipment is not only operable, but efficient, clean, and ready for a North Texas winter. This way, you know you have a system that will keep you warm and safe.  Contact our team to schedule your heating maintenance and service today!

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