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Attic Ventilation Wylie | Attic Ventilation Wylie, TX

When many homeowners think about their roof, they normally think of a structure designed to keep wind and rain outside of the home. The truth is a more complicated than just a wind and rain protector. A good roof, in Wylie, does much more. A good roof will allow some air to cycle through, normally from the lowest point to the highest for the hot air producing summer days. In fact, the lack of correct ventilation can be detrimental to the roof and its structure, by causing deterioration and leaks.

During the winter, a correctly ventilated roof is less likely to develop hot patches that can cause uneven ice melting. During the summer months, a roof that can’t correctly breathe traps super-heated, causing damage to the structure from within. Attic Ventilation, in Wylie homes, keeps the roof from aging prematurely and helps decrease utility bills. If heat does not escape through the system it will transfer into the living areas. Correct attic ventilation directly reduces the utility costs, for Wylie residents. The basics of attic ventilation include a combination of vents and an attic fan. The soffit vents are normally located beneath the eaves, whereas other vents are normally found at the very top of the gables. They are designed so air can enter, while not allowing in rain or other precipitation. Attic fans expel moist, warm air before it can collect in the attic. The system normally works well, but problems come up when the attic is not completely sealed off from the living area. Incorrect sealing of the attic can cause undesired drafts in the home and energy loss.

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Correct ventilation can effectively double the life of a roof and prevent common problems. Every attic should be inspected for leaks and to make sure that the system is working correctly. Efficient Home Solutions has a team of technicians trained in state of the art home efficiency techniques. Our ongoing training keeps us abreast of new technology and changes in recommendations. We can conduct a full attic ventilation audit focused on efficiency and dependability. We will provide you with a full list of reliable recommendations including if your home has the correct number of vents and if they are located as recommended.

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After inspecting many homes over the years, our technicians have found many items that can obstruct air flow or create insufficient air intake in your Wylie home. To help, we have pulled together a short list of the more common issues:

  • Interior exhaust ducts venting into the attic space. Exhaust ducts, such as bathroom fans or clothes dryers, should vent to the outside.
  • Obstructed soffit vents by paint, debris or insulation, normally inside the eaves thus impeding air flow.
  • None, or too few, working power ventilators.
  • Ridge vents installed with other existing attic vents.
  • Non-existent or too few soffit vents to provide adequate air intake. The ideal situation is to have soffit vents uninterruptedly running down the entire length of the eave.
  • Incorrect installation of soffit vent baffles.

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To solve these problems, we have choice products for you to choose from. The number of each will depend on your Wylie home and its unique design. The products or the number thereof, will be different for your home than any other. Efficient Home Solutions technicians understand this and will help in providing the best recommendations based on our audit.

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