Why You Should Change Your Furnace Filter Before Winter

Yes, that’s right – even though the temperature is still creeping up into the 90’s, we want to talk about winter! It may be hard to think about cold weather at this time of year, but at Efficient Home Solutions, we like to remind our customers to always be prepared for the next season. Today we’ll talk about why it’s so important to change out your furnace filter regularly, and long before winter arrives.


Live Long and Prosper


In this case, we’re talking about your HVAC system. It’s absolutely vital to change out your furnace filter not just before winter, but several times a year, in order to increase its lifespan. The filter might be either disposable or reusable, depending on your type of system. If you have a ductless system, it’s more likely that you have the reusable kind. This thin metal sheet with perforations is easily removed, and you’ll simply rinse it off, dry it, and replace it. Disposable filters are usually found in standard, forced air heat pumps and furnace systems. Regardless of which one you have, proper maintenance through regular filter replacement is always key.

Furnace Filter


Improve Your Air Quality and Health


Your HVAC system isn’t all that’s improved through consistent upkeep. Your family’s health depends on it as well. On colder days, most of us tend to spend more time indoors. This also means the furnace is being used more frequently, which makes changing it out even more vital. If you have pets, family members with allergies, or smokers in your household, those will all have an impact on your air quality. That’s also the case if you’re undergoing renovations since that results in increased dust throughout your home. Particulates have a much greater opportunity to cycle throughout your home if you don’t change out your filters. This is because when they get dirty enough they’ll lose their ability to filter contaminants.


Prevent Costly Repairs


Your furnace isn’t as tough as you think, with internal sensors and components that can become dirty or damaged, causing them to function less effectively. Consistently replacing the filter will help your system last longer and perform more efficiently, and can also help lower your energy costs. In the worst-case scenario, a dirty air filter can cause your system to overheat, shut down or even crack the heat exchanger. While we certainly offer furnace repair services, we’d prefer that you not have to use them!


Peace of Mind, Because Winter is Coming

The best way we can put it is, why wait until the last minute and risk an emergency? Life gets busy for all of us, and replacing furnace filters isn’t usually at the top of anyone’s list. So make a note, set a reminder on your phone, and maybe have Efficient Home Solutions come out and inspect your furnace and the rest of your system. Contact us with any questions!

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