Early AC Inspections are Critical to a Cool Summer in North Texas


It’s still winter, so why should you worry about air conditioning? Plan ahead now, while temperatures are low, to make sure that your air conditioning is working properly when the temperatures are high. The Augusta Chronicle

As spring rolls in and the weather continues to get better and better, the North Texas summer sits just beyond the horizon – biding its time before it can wreck you and your family’s comfort and summer fun. Good thing you’ve got Efficient Home Solutions and our $49 – 29-Point Cooling System Inspection Spring Special ($145 value).

While you can’t do much to slow the oncoming heat, you can take the necessary steps now, even in March, to prepare yourself for the unrelenting temperatures – specifically in regards to your air conditioning system.

Did you know that the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that more than 3 million HVAC systems fail each year? Your air conditioning system may have been running flawlessly last summer, but after a few months of running your heat through the winter, a faulty system isn’t something you want to risk come May.

While a full air conditioning check-up is most recommended prior to the summer months, there are plenty of steps you can take now towards ensuring your comfort through the North Texas summer (Northwest Indiana Times):

  • Change your filters every 90 days (every 30 days if you have indoor pets)
  • Be sure your outdoor unit is level, clean and 18” away from weeds or bushes
  • Check temperature difference unit is providing – (Delta-T) should be 20 degrees
  • Keep condensate drain open by pouring a water and bleach solution down it
  • Check your thermostat temperature reading against another source for accuracy

But now, before the heat, we’ve got a quick tip for you to not only keep your home cool and comfortable, but also keep you power bills lower: Open your windows and turn on your AC fan, it will keep your house cool by pulling cool air into your home and circulating filtered air from outside throughout your home!

AC inspections are best performed when the temperature is at least 70 degrees, but for now you can still our Air Conditioning Service/Repair page to learn more about our services and how to schedule your service today!

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