Unsealed Heating Systems & Potential Fire Hazards


Earlier this morning, Efficient Home Solutions dispatched a technician to visit one of our customers in Addison. The homeowner complained of a strong chemical smell emanating from her vents when the heater was turned on.

Upon inspection of the home’s heating unit, our technician found the system to be unsealed. The chemical smell was a result of cold, dusty and chemical fill air getting sucked into the unsealed system, getting heated and then spread all throughout the house.

Not only did the tech identify the system as being unsealed, he also discovered there to be a bottle of paint thinner within close proximity of the furnace. The system’s furnace ignites four very large flames every time it’s turned on. Having flammable substances like paint thinner that close to an open flame can present a major fire hazard.

Prior to leaving the home, our tech moved the flammable products to a safe distance, away from the furnace, and Mastic Sealed the system – ensuring cleaner, improved air quality and prolonging the system’s lifespan by reducing run times.

Worried you might have a similar problem with your heating or air conditioning system? Schedule a service appointment today!

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