Insulation Installation in Dallas, Plano and North Texas – Part II

Not only are the Comfort Specialists at Efficient Home Solutions experts in all things HVAC in Dallas, Plano and all over North Texas – they also specialize in a variety of insulation types:

  • Fiberglass (Batt and Blown-in)
  • Cellulose
  • Foam Open Cell
  • Foam Close Cell
  • Rigid Foam Board

These Insulating products all provide varying resistance to heat, resistance to heat is measured and referred to as R-value. Each products R-Value varies as well.Depending on what part of the country you live in, different R-values are recommended for walls, attics, basements and crawlspaces.


The various types of insulation and depth or R-Value your looking to achieve make the level of experience of your insulation installer or contractor even more important to your home, comfort and energy savings.

For instance, if you or your installer blows in attic insulation to an agreed upon depth but didn’t use the required number of bags of material necessary to meet the manufactures specifications, you’re not getting the proper R-Value you purchased.

Tools needed for a Do It Yourself Insulation Project:

  1. Hardware store Insulation machine (Usually loaned no charge w/10 bag purchase)
  2. Bags of insulation needed to reach desire R-Value for your homes square footage)
  3. Insulation suit (long pants, long sleeve shirt, neck and head protection)
  4. Eye protection
  5. Gloves
  6. Work light
  7. Dust mask
  8. Platform to stand on ( 2’ x 3’ piece of plywood)
  9. 2 Friends (1 to load machine, other in attic feeding and moving hose)
  10. Lots of water

*Remember: Do not stand in the hot attic longer than 20 minutes at a time and try to keep 3 points of contact with the attic floor and roof with every step if you can, so as to avoid this…


For even more Do It Yourself Insulation Installation tips, visit our YouTube channel or watch the video below.

You rest assured that with EHS’s Comfort Specialists and Certified Professional Building Analysts you’re always getting the best value for what you pay for – Trusted Care for your Heat & Air.

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