Insulation Installation in Dallas, Plano and North Texas – Part I


Prepping your home for the summer weather here in Dallas and North Texas doesn’t start from the ground up – it starts from the attic down.

While insulation is often associated with the colder, winter months, it’s equally as important during the summer months – especially in North Texas.

Research has shown that homes without proper attic insulation have substantial heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter.

During the Texas summer, attics can reach scorching hot temperatures, some upwards of 160º+! While inside your home may not reach 160º, the heat that stays in your attic is jeopardizing your comfort by heating up your ceiling. (

“The principal source of summertime attic heat is direct sunlight on the roof of the home,” says U.S. Inspect.

Ideally, proper insulation prevents the heat trapped in your attic from radiating through the ceiling into your home. However, with a lack of insulation, the 2×6 wood studs and sheetrock that make up your ceiling and attic floor heat up and conduct that heat down into your living area. A hotter house means less comfort, making your AC work harder, resulting in higher energy bills – now that’s something nobody wants.

The key to comfort is not only insulation, but proper attic insulation installation, as displayed below.

“Intense attic heat is transmitted to the ceiling surface of the living space below.  The ceiling acts as a “hot plate,” not only warming the air in the rooms but radiating some of the heat to the occupants as well. This, in turn, adds to the air conditioning requirement—both in the size of the unit needed and in operating costs.”

There’s little you can do about the scorching summer sun heating your roof – but just past the roof is where Efficient Home Solutions and our Comfort Specialists come in.

“One of the most cost-effective ways to make your home more comfortable year-round is to add insulation to your attic, including insulating the attic access hatch or door opening, which is relatively easy,” says the U.S. Department of Energy.

Learn more about our insulation services here and schedule your service appointment today! 

Stay tuned to our blog for Part II of our Insulation Installation series!

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