Dallas Attic Insulation

When considering which Dallas Insulation Contractor to install your homes energy efficiency improvements, understand that the right insulation Contractor can make all the difference in what results you achieve on your heating and cooling bills.

To be effective, insulation must be installed properly not just installed. Batt insulation for example, if compressed can lose significant R-Value(R=Resistance to Heat). If attic insulation is blown in to the proper depth but the density is not correct, (proper number of bags of material were not installed to meet the manufactures specifications) you’re not getting the proper R-Value from the insulation you purchased.

We can and do install Cellulose insulation, however we prefer to install Fiberglass blown in materials, there’s nothing in it to burn so chemicals are not needed to make it fire resistant, settling is minimal and it doesn’t break down over the years making your home dusty. Energystar.gov, assures consumers, utilizing tremendous research that  results will show when you get your utility bill.

Existing homes will reduce their utility bill by as much as 30% by adding blown in fiberglass or cellulose insulation to reach R-38 level as well as increase your comfort. Older homes with no insulation in the walls can increase the homes energy efficiency, comfort and reduce outside noise by installing blown in insulation using a method we call Drill and Fill.

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Dallas Attic Insulation

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