Can an AC System Help with Indoor Air Quality?

Can an AC System Help with the Indoor Air Quality?

Can the ac system, in my home, help with the indoor air quality?  To accurately answer this question, we must understand the relationship between air conditioning systems and indoor air quality.

Your home’s air conditioning system does much more than just force out cold air.  The modern air conditioning system has a significant impact on indoor air quality, especially high-efficiency systems.  For the purposes of this discussion, indoor air quality is the combination of the cleanliness of the air (no dust or pollen), humidity, temperature control, and odor.

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What is the Importance of Indoor Air Quality?

You’re in contact with the air in your home more than any other place.  The quality of this air can have a direct effect on your health, wallet, and comfort.  Efficient Home Solutions is dedicated to making sure your air conditioning system is working correctly and having a positive impact on the air quality of your home.

We have gathered a few tips to maintain a clean, fresh, and healthy air in your home:

Air filters should be changed regularly, preferably every 1-3 months.  Air filters remove pet hair, pollen, dust, spores, and other airborne pollutants that can lead to health issues.  Dirty air filters restrict airflow making your system work harder and increasing energy bills.  A severely dirty filter can result in the system overheating or other permanent damage.

Purchase a High SEER (more efficient) system.  Good air needs prolonged periods of air circulation, allowing the air to pass through the filter frequently.  Higher efficiency systems use less power allowing for more extended operating periods, thus maintaining more consistent airflow.

Avoid the use of individual room air conditioners and ductless systems without proper air filtration.  These products are suitable for small spaces, but when used for larger spaces, the air quality diminishes.

Consistent and dust-free airflow is the key to maintaining healthy indoor air quality.

AC Systems Keep Humidity Low.

Don’t you just hate the sticky feeling of high humidity?  Who wants that in their home?

Humidity affects indoor air by making the air feel hotter than it really is.  When homeowners feel hot, they turn down the thermostat and crank up their AC system.  Surprisingly, if the humidity was absent, you would be more comfortable at higher temperatures.

The central air conditioning system, in your home, acts like a sponge removing moist, humid air.  Humidity, if left unchecked, can result in unwanted mold growth and future health problems.

Don’t take your ac system for granted and only concentrate on the air temperature, because the air quality in your home is just as important.  The system in your home, if properly and regularly maintained, will provide excellent indoor air quality for many years.

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