Why is my air conditioning system not producing cold air?

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Your AC Won’t Get Cold for 3 Reasons

Summers are brutal in North Texas, and we expect our Air Conditioning system to operate when we need it.  It is a necessity in Texas.  Modern air conditioning systems have a life expectancy of several decades; however, every system will eventually fell, even the well-maintained ones.  Sometimes that failure involves failing to provide air that is cold enough to keep you and your household comfortable.

If your ac system is not producing cold air, it does not always indicate a severe problem. Some of the common culprits prohibiting the production of cold air are:

A Frozen Condenser – The condenser resides outside your home and removes heat, expelling it out into the atmosphere.  Dust, dirt, and debris can collect on filters, and your condenser coil can freeze over and stop working correctly.  This problem is easily solved by a quick service call to Efficient Home Solutions.

Low Refrigerant This is the most common cause.  Low refrigerant can cause ice build-up on evaporator coils restricting airflow and heat transfer.  When the air cannot cool properly, the system continues to run compounding the situation.  Regular shutoffs, when the room temperature is correct, give ice on your evaporator coil a chance to melt.  Regular maintenance is the solution to this issue.

Condenser May Be Damaged – Contact Efficient Home Solutions for a complete evaluation.

AC Maintenance in North Texas Helps Prevent Future Issues

Remember, regularly scheduled maintenance is the best way to prevent any problems resulting in the lack of cold air.  Give us a call today if your AC isn’t cooling and consider signing up for our fantastic AC maintenance plan. (972)235-2600

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