Dallas-Fort Worth Asks: Why is the Temperature Uneven in My Home?

With summer kicking into high gear, we keep getting asked why a house has different temperatures in different rooms. There are many reasons this happens, and some are very simple. We’ll take a look at some of the common causes, and even better, how Efficient Home Solutions can help you handle them.

Ductwork Temperature Uneven

Get Your Ducts in a Row (and Windows, and Vents, and…)


One of the biggest issues we’ve found is when a home’s air ducts are blocked or leaky. Particles like dust, hair, and dirt can all cause blockages; and even a small leak can cause up to a 30% loss of airflow. This means air, warm or cool, may not be reaching all your rooms. You should have your ducts inspected at least once a year, so contact Efficient Home Solutions to have us come take a look.


Poor insulation is another typical cause of uneven temperatures in different areas. You may have too little in your attic, or what you do have may not be of good quality. We can take a look at your insulation and let you know if it’s lacking. It’s also a good idea to have someone inspect your windows, because if they’re poorly sealed – and especially if they’re large – your indoor temperatures can be affected.


An often-overlooked issue is blocked vents, and it’s often the easiest way to improve varying home temperatures. Make sure you don’t have any furniture blocking floor or wall vents and check that all the vents are fully open. You also want them to be facing a direction that allows them to maximize airflow. 


Is It Your HVAC System Itself?


Yes, size does matter: if you have a bigger house, you need a bigger system in order to maintain consistent temperatures. Otherwise, it can be difficult to generate adequate airflow to cool or heat the entire home. It’s important to have an expert in HVAC assess your square footage to determine the best size, make, and model of the system for effective temperature control.


Besides having the correct size of the system, you also need to consider its age. Is it 10 years or older? Then it might be time to replace it. While a new system can be expensive, many of today’s HVAC units have continued to improve and are energy efficient, costing less to run and lasting longer than previous systems. As a Lennox Premier Dealer, we’re also able to offer you promotions throughout the year. Don’t wait until you have to make an emergency call! 


Be Comfortable Throughout Your Home


With so many new technologies available today, your family should be able to have the desired temperature in every room – and right now it’s especially important to have clean air quality as well. At Efficient Home Solutions, we’re happy to offer you a free home energy audit so you know if your HVAC system is performing at its top capabilities, allowing you to have comfort throughout your home. Contact us today!

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