Signs Your Heater/Furnace Needs Maintenance


Time for home Heater/Furnace maintenance? Pre-Winter System Check-Ups and Safety inspections only $49.00.

With lows hitting the mid 40s and 30s starting in November, heating system service and maintenance is a necessity here in Dallas.

Worried your heating system might already be on the fritz or headed that way? There are a few things you can watch for that might indicate that it’s time to call the Dallas Heater, Furnace, Heat Pump and AC repair professionals at Efficient Home Solutions.

What’s That Racket?
No, no HVAC system is completely silent, but the presence of excessive noise should raise a red flag. Any kind of grinding, humming, hissing or louder than normal noise could spell serious trouble for your heating system – meaning important components or parts may be malfunctioning or out of alignment. Additionally, the presence of an ongoing hissing noise doesn’t mean you’ve got a snake problem (yikes!), but rather that your system may have a leak.

In the event you notice any of these symptoms, shut your system off immediately and call your Dallas Furnace and Heat Pump experts at EHS.

Getting a Little Chilly…
Question: This time of year, what kind of air should your heating system be blowing through your ductwork into your lovely Dallas home?

Answer: Clean, warm heated air! That’s right!

In the event that your heating system is blowing anything but clean, warm air into your home, something has clearly malfunctioned with your system. This could potentially be a problem with your ductwork, duct sealing or a sign that your furnace or heat pump needs repair work. Our heating system efficiency and safety inspections from our trained HVAC technicians here at E.H.S. should be able to identify and repair any of these concerns.


This Room’s Hot, But That Room’s Cold
An efficient and effective heating system should keep every room throughout your home at roughly the same temperature.

If temperatures throughout the house are inconsistent and you’ve accounted for closed vents and shut doors, something is likely amiss with your heating system and/or ductwork.

That Doesn’t Smell Right
As detailed in a previous blog post, carbon monoxide poisoning can be a very real and even deadly problem in some homes. While carbon monoxide is odorless, the smell of gas or exhaust coming from your vents may indicate a breach in your furnace’s heat exchanger. Because you won’t be able to detect carbon monoxide in your home, it is very, very important to have your furnace and water heaters checked every year.

In the event your nose picks up the presence of a exhaust-like smell, have an HVAC technician visit and check out your heating unit immediately.

Are you experiencing any of the problems discussed above with your heater, furnace or heat pump HVAC system? If so call now and schedule an appointment with the Dallas HVAC and AC repair experts at Efficient Home Solutions today and let us offer you and your family “Trusted Care For Your Heat & Air” –



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