How Can I Lower My Home’s Humidity?

No matter the weather outside, Efficient Home Solutions wants to help make sure you and your family can enjoy the inside of your home. One of the questions we get, especially this time of year, is how to keep the humidity lower indoors. We have several different ideas to help you.


Use a Dehumidifier

This is probably the most obvious option since the name says it all. Most of us are familiar with the typical portable variety, and they can also be built directly into your HVAC unit. Using a fan, the dehumidifier pulls warm air currents into its coils. As it’s fed through the device’s refrigerated coils, the warm air contracts, and condensation is left inside the machine. A storage tank collects the resulting droplets of water, and then the drier, cooler air is released through the other side of the dehumidifier. The goal is to bring the moisture in your home down to a relative humidity of 30 to 50 percent.


Dehumidifiers can also improve some health conditions, such as asthma or frequent allergies that result in frequent coughing or runny noses, since they lessen irritants and allergens in moist areas of your home. On the other hand, there are also a few medical conditions they can worsen – such as eczema or even pneumonia – if the air is made too dry. You’ll also want to make sure you stay hydrated while using one.


Run Your Fans After Cooking or Taking a Shower

Another way to lower your home’s humidity is by running exhaust fans after doing things that actively increase it. We all love hot showers but think about all the steam they produce. You can combat it by running the bathroom fan during as well as after your shower, and maybe even lower the water temperature just a bit. It’s the same recommendation when you’re using the oven; and again, it’s a good idea to run that ventilation fan while you’re cooking as well as for a while after.


Buy Plants That Absorb Humidity

Let’s go green! You have to pick the right plants, though, because many of them actually release a significant amount of moisture. However, there are
quite a few beautiful choices that have the opposite effect. Some of the best choices include Boston ferns, peace lilies, palms, English ivy, orchids, and a Texas favorite – cactus plants! Using this natural option lowers your energy consumption and humidity levels, plus it’s eco-friendly: you’re also adding more oxygen and helping remove carbon dioxide. It’s a great choice in several ways.


Take Prevention Steps in the House

There are some simple ways you can lower your home’s humidity, starting with your dryer ducts. You need to make certain they vent directly outside, not only to reduce the humidity but to avoid a potential fire hazard. Another thing you can do is take proper care of your crawl space if it has a dirt floor. Be certain the soil is dry and without any standing water. You can use a ground cover to protect it, and run fans to help dry out space if it ever gets wet.


More questions? Ask Us!

We know that’s a lot to consider, so feel free to
give us a call. We’re always available to help in case of an emergency with your HVAC system, and we’re also happy to share advice and ideas. Efficient Home Solutions is proud to be part of the North Texas community, and we’re here to keep your family comfortable all year long.

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