Plano Do-It-Yourself AC Maintenance Tips

With an early spring predicted in North Texas, it’s important that your AC-Air Conditioning System goes through the proper spring cleaning and check-up.

Because your AC-Air Conditioning components are outside and/or in the attic and generally out of sight, it can be easy to forget or neglect them. Because they are outside and /or in the attic and exposed to the elements, your outdoor Condenser or Heat Pump components need attention and maintenance to keep them running properly.

A few of the most important routine maintenance functions a homeowner or responsible renter can do to ensure a condenser or heat pump is performing efficiently, effectively and long term reliable is to keep it free of debris and keep it level.

Monthly over the spring, summer and fall cooling season inspect and clean your outdoor condenser or heat pump to make sure it is free of leaves, dirt, and other debris. These are easily sucked in by the fan and reduce the efficiency of the entire cooling system.

To clear out the leaves and other debris, first turn the power off to the unit and carefully use your hands, a vacuum or broom to remove any accumulated debris around the system. Use a garden hose without a high-pressure nozzle to rinse out smaller dirt, dust and grass clippings. As far as preventive care for your system, be sure bushes, shrubs, trees, and weeds are at least 18 inches away from the system.

You’ll also want to make sure that your unit is sitting level on the cement or pad – a carpenter’s level can help make this easier. Use the level to gauge both side to side and front to back. While you are doing this, check the insulation around the large copper suction line for deterioration or gaps.

If you see that it is not level or the insulation is wearing thin or cracking, have a Plano Licensed-HVAC-Contractor come out reset the unit on the concrete or pad and/or replace the insulation. These are a few small maintenance tasks that you don’t have to do very often, but they can make a big difference in the performance and life of your Plano AC-Air Conditioning Systems condenser or heat pump.

To ensure your system is performing efficiently, effectively and long term reliable, you should have your Plano TX heating, ventilation and cooling system inspected by Efficient Home Solutions bi-annually in order to keep the system maintained and in warranty compliance. Ask about our Seasonal Specials and/or our Maintenance Programs and visit our Special Offers page to find all kinds of great deals and discounts!


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